GP Promoters Seek to Assure Fans

Canadian Grand Prix promoter Normand Legault has called on Formula One chiefs to guarantee that there will never be a repeat of the events that led seven teams to withdraw from last weekend's race at Indianapolis

Legault believes that the failure of the Michelin teams and the FIA to find a compromise solution that allowed them to race has raised concerns among race promoters about guaranteeing grids at future races.

"At this point, it would appear both premature and inappropriate to attempt to assess the impact of the events at Indianapolis on the presentation of any future US Grand Prix, and even more so on the Canadian Grand Prix," said Legault in an official statement.

"For the time being we would simply express the hope that Formula One and all the stakeholders involved may as quickly as possible offer our loyal and enthusiastic spectators the clear assurance that events such as those that took place yesterday will never be repeated."

Legault offered his support for United States Grand Prix promoter Tony George whom he believed could not be held responsible for the turn of events.

"Taking place under such circumstances, the US Grand Prix was a serious disappointment both for the spectators at Indianapolis, and for television viewers worldwide; but it may also be seen as a source of anxiety for the promoters of all those Grand Prix events that are part of the World Championship calendar, and that are also subject to the decisions of sports authorities and participants.

"Which is why we wish here to indicate our sincere support for Mr. Tony George and his Indianapolis Motor Speedway team, whom we believe cannot in any way be held responsible for Sunday's incidents.".

Legault's statement comes after French Grand Prix organisers issued their own assurance to fans that there are no concerns of Michelin problems being repeated at next weekend's race.

"The Federation Francaise du Sport Automobile, promoter of the 2005 Grand Prix de France has received assurances from Michelin that the incidents of the United States Grand Prix will not occur on the Nevers-Magny Cours circuit," said the statement.

"The unfortunate situation was exceptional to the Indianapolis Speedway due to its famous high speed, banked last corner which helped make this circuit legendary.

"It is evident that such an incident could not occur at the 2005 Grand Prix de France. The Nevers-Magny Cours circuit with its unique layout and racing conditions, is well known to Michelin technicians who use it regularly for testing."

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