FIA Reiterate Teams' Options

The FIA has rejected a last-ditch plea from tyre supplier Michelin to change its stance on making modifications to the Indianapolis circuit as the possibility of team's boycotting this afternoon's United States Grand Prix looks increasingly likely

After the FIA made it clear on Sunday morning that it would not get involved in the matter, and instead suggested teams either go slow through the banked final corner or opt to change tyres in the race and risk sanctions, Michelin wrote another letter asking for a change of heart and that a chicane be constructed prior to the final corner.

The letter said: "With reference to our letter of June 18 and having collected the results of our in depth analysis from France and the USA, we confirmed that with the tyres on which we have qualified we are not able to sufficienctly guaratee the total safety of the drivers.

"As a result we reached the conclusion that we will not compete with these tyres in the current configuration of the circuit.

"We therefore reiterate our request to have a significant reduction of vehicle speed in turns 12/13."

But FIA race director Charlie Whiting was unmoved by Michelin's pleas and said the onus was on the teams to ensure their cars were safe for the Indianapolis event. He is adamant the tyre issue is one of 'performance' and not of safety.

"Thank you for your letter of today's date," wrote Whiting in his response. "As explained in our earlier letter, your teams have a choice of running more slowly in Turn 12/13, running a tyre not used in qualifying (which would attract a penalty) or repeatedly changing a tyre (subject to valid safety reasons).

"It is for them to decide. We have nothing to add."

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