F1 to use artificial intelligence TV graphics with Amazon in 2019

Formula 1 will use artificial intelligence to help power a raft of new in-race television graphics that it plans to debut in 2019

As part of the series' 'F1 Insights' alliance with Amazon Web Services (AWS), F1 will use the latest technology to harness the wide range of car data that it can tap in to.

F1 managing director of motorsport Ross Brawn revealed the series is readying a new package of graphics that will utilise Amazon's machine learning tool Sagemaker in a bid to improve the viewing experience for fans at home.

"For next season we are expanding 'F1 Insights' for our viewers, by further integrating the telemetry data such as car position, tyre condition, even the weather, so we can use Sagemaker to predict car performance, pitstops and race strategy," said Brawn, speaking at last week's AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.

"[There will be] some exciting new AI integrations into next year's F1 TV broadcast."

Brawn offered three examples of how the new graphics will be used in race broadcasts.

The first is to offer better insight into the state of each driver's tyres, so fans have a better understanding of whether someone is suffering from overheating.

"We know that somebody is in trouble: his rear tyres are overheating," said Brawn.

"We can look at the history of the tyres and how they have worked and where he is in the race, and machine learning can help us apply a proper analysis of the situation.

"We can bring that information to the fans and make them understand if the guy is in trouble or if he can manage the situation.

"These are insights the teams always had but we are going to bring them to the fans and show them what is happening."

F1 also plans to use a graphic predicting the likelihood of an overtaking move taking place.

"Wheel-to-wheel racing is the essence, a critical aspect of the sport and now with machine learning and using live data and historical data, we can make predictions about what is going to happen," added Brawn.

"The graphic shows what we expect is going to happen in this event.

"What is great about this, is that the teams don't have all this data. We as F1 know the data from both cars and can make this comparison, and this has never been done before."

The final example Brawn showed was a pitstop analysis, to show the strategic implications of what has taken place.

"Stopping at the right time and fitting the right tyre can win or lose a race," he said.

"We are going to take all the data and give fans an insight into why they stopped and when they stopped - did the team and driver make the right call?"

Brawn also revealed that F1 planned to use Sagemaker to help evaluate new race formats or ideas, such as different starting grids.

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