Button Warns Against Racing

Jenson Button has backed up claims that the Belgian Grand Prix will not be able to take place if the weather conditions do not improve

The BAR driver did not even bother venturing out onto the track during the wet second practice session on Friday - claiming it was too dangerous.

And he sees no reason why drivers will not have to pull out of the race on Sunday if there is a repeat of the downpour that hit the track on Friday afternoon.

"If it is raining like that no, we can't race on Sunday," he said. "It would be too wet, definitely. It is dangerous. You are not in control of the car in any way.

"If you hit a big puddle like Vitantonio Liuzzi did that's it, it could be a massive accident. You are not in control and that's not what we're here to do.

"The forecast is for rain on Sunday. It's alright if it stops raining because the water runs away but it's when it is raining consistently and constantly it's just impossible to run."

Button also believes that the lack of running on Friday afternoon could not be blamed on the fact that drivers need to look after their engines because of the two-race rule.

"No one would have gone out, however many laps you've got," he said. "There was no chance, it was too wet.

"It is disappointing for the fans but we can't really help with that situation. We can't stop it raining here. It's been a pretty boring day for all of us, not being able to do any running."

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