Analysis: aero surprises continue in '08

Even though the teams are only into their second week of testing with their 2008 cars, there have been a number of major new developments

Most startling is BMW Sauber's new stag-like nose fins, while McLaren have appeared with a well thought through front wheel fairing solution.

BMW Sauber's new F1.08 design has already surprised with the innovative 'Heck' wing and pod wings. Now the team have added a pair of fins spreading from above the nose cone.

Their new nose fins appear to be a combination of the roll hoop Viking wings and the twin tower wings tested, but banned last year.

While a lot of teams had added fins around the nose area, BMW appear to be trying a slightly different solution with the fins extending upwards to form an endplate.

These fins send a spiralling wake over the car, with the aim of creating more downforce at the rear of the car. As the fins are lower than the twin tower wings, they are unlikely to be banned on safety ground for obstructing the drivers view.

Meanwhile, McLaren have finally tested their static front wheel fairings. Many teams have run these fairings, as they do not spin with the wheel they improve the way the front wheels wake passes over the rest of the car.

McLaren's solution is different in that the position of the outlet and the internal ducting are unlike any other run so far.

McLaren have their opening ahead of the wheels centreline, in a 4 o'clock to 7 o'clock position. To aid the hot air within the wheel to exit, the fairing has internal ducting to lead air out in a spiral (red arrow) following the direction of the wheels travel.

This design keeps the fairing flush with the wheel unlike the more bulbous arrangement of other teams.

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