Alonso in No Hurry to Make Move Decision

Fernando Alonso is not ruling out a move to Ferrari but will not make a decision on whether to move to a new team or stay with Renault until his contract is up for renewal, later next year

The Spaniard's name has often been linked with the Italian squad, as a possible heir to World Champion Michael Schumacher, should he decide to retire at the end of 2006.

Schumacher won two World Championship titles at Benetton - now renamed Renault - under Flavio Briatore's management before moving to Ferrari almost ten years ago, and with Ferrari chiefs often praising Alonso as one of the new big stars of the sport, the Spaniard is widely regarded as their next target for the post-Schumacher era.

Alonso himself, however, said his interest in Ferrari would be solely based on their performance in the sport - suggesting he would not make the move if Ferrari, who are currently struggling compared to other teams, would not return to their dominating days.

Asked by Autosprint magazine whether moving to Ferrari would be an objective in the course of his driving career, Alonso responded: "In these days, yes, because the last five or six years, they have had the best car, and all drivers are interested to drive the best cars.

"If next year they do another bad season, then if you ask any driver in the paddock, they will want a Renault or a McLaren because those cars are winning races.

"This changes every year and when I finish my contract with Renault, I will then see my options."

The Renault driver further admitted he did not favour Ferrari's method of fielding a 'number one' driver - with the second driver playing support role - and said he did not expect his teammate, in this case Renault's Giancarlo Fisichella, to assist him in his Championship battle this season.

"Every point I have, I got it by myself," Alonso said. "At Ferrari, there's always been a number one and a number two driver, and things have always been very clear. For the other nine teams, I'd say that in theory the car conditions and the priority among drivers are equal.

"I'd say it's normal to see two drivers in the same team racing against each others: it's gives good competition inside the team and increases each driver's motivation.

"So far things have gone well for me, but I don't expect any gifts from my teammate, and it's fine this way."


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