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By: AUTOSPORT staff, Edd Straw, Glenn Freeman, Ben Anderson, Andrew van Leeuwen, Jonathan Noble, Jamie Klein


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12:13 Here's the full report from that intriguing opening day of 2015 running:

Jerez day one report: Vettel fastest for Ferrari

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Rosberg Jerez

Rosberg Jerez

Here's the lap count for the day:

Rosberg - 157 laps
Ericsson - 73 laps
Bottas - 73 laps
Vettel - 60 laps
Sainz - 46 laps
Ricciardo - 35 laps
Alonso - 6 laps
12:00 And that's the chequered flag. Vettel and Ferrari top the first day of pre-season testing in 2015. Raikkonen did the same last year...

1 Vettel (Ferrari), 1m22.620s
2 Ericsson (Sauber), 1m22.777s
3 Rosberg (Mercedes), 1m23.106s
4 Ricciardo (Red Bull), 1m23.338s
5 Bottas (Williams), 1m23.906s
6 Sainz (Toro Rosso), 1m25.327s
7 Alonso (Ferrari), 1m40.738s
11:58 Vettel does a practice start, with the rear of the car covered in aero paint.
11:55 Looks like Rosberg was doing an aero run down the main straight.
11:54 Vettel, Ericsson, Rosberg and Bottas still on track with six minutes remaining. Vettel still has fastest time.
11:51 EDD STRAW: "OK, Mercedes has already had the car on track before today on a promotional day, but to log 150 laps on the first official test day is absolutely outstanding. Looking strong."
11:50 And Rosberg completes his 150th lap of the day. He's now in the pits.
11:48 Vettel has now notched up 50 laps for the new Ferrari. So the team joins Sauber, Mercedes and Williams in the half-century club for today.
11:46 And Rosberg rejoins the track again.
11:46 But on saying that, Rosberg heads into the pits. He's now clocked 148 laps on a remarkable first day for Mercedes.
11:46 With 14 minutes remaining, there are four cars on track: Vettel, Ericsson, Rosberg and Sainz.
Vettel Ferrari

Vettel Ferrari

Vettel passes Ericsson on that lap, setting a time four seconds quicker than the Sauber.
11:41 Vettel is chasing the Sauber down, and he's gone ever-so-slightly faster, finding 0.070s to set a 1m22.620s.
11:40 Our top three - Vettel, Ericsson and Rosberg - are all on track at the moment.
11:35 BEN ANDERSON: "Went to find out why pace-setter Sebastian Vettel had such a long delay in the Ferrari garage this morning. Turns out the car was suffering from a telemetry problem, which took a long time to fix."
11:35 Rosberg passes through the pits and heads straight back out, while Ericsson has started a timed lap.
11:33 Ericsson and Rosberg head to the end of the pitlane together, but the Mercedes hangs back before following the Sauber out on track.
11:28 Nothing on track at the moment, although the McLaren has been fired up again to make sure we're not sitting here in silence.
11:26 Ah - we have some engine noise coming from the McLaren garage again. It was brief, but it's a sign of some progress being made on the troubleshooting front. Will Alonso get to add to his six laps so far?
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