By: Sam Tremayne, Glenn Freeman, Matt Beer, Kevin Turner


Status: Stopped
And that's it for the first day of running for the 2014 breed of F1 cars. Thanks for joining us and please do so again tomorrow, when we hope more of the cars will make it out on track.

Force India F1 2014

Force India F1 2014

With running now finished, here are the best times and laps completed:

1 Raikkonen (Ferrari), 1m27.104s (31 laps)
2 Hamilton (Mercedes), 1m27.820s (18 laps)
3 Bottas (Williams), 1m30.082s (7 laps)
4 Perez (Force India), 1m33.161s (11 laps)
5 Vergne (Toro Rosso), 1m36.530s (15 laps)
6 Gutierrez (Sauber), 1m42.257s (7 laps)
7 Vettel (Red Bull), no time (3 laps)
8 Ericsson (Caterham), no time (1 lap)
And the flag is out to end day one of the Jerez test, with Bottas and Perez still on track.
Perez goes quicker and is now fourth for Force India on 1m33.161s.
As the first day draws to a close, McLaren reveals a little more about what has prevented it taking to the track today:

"Despite firing up successfully at the MTC last week, the car was predominantly affected by electrical issues during the day.

"The subsequent dismantling, inspection and re-installation of several major components ultimately meant we were unable to conduct any running today.

"We’re re-installing key systems on the car overnight, with the expectation that Jenson [Button] will begin the car’s installation programme tomorrow."
Bottas takes the FW36 out, just as Perez records 1m38.434s.
So, with just five minutes to go, we've got Perez and Vettel on track again as Bottas comes in.
Red Bull RB10

Red Bull RB10

Now that the Red Bull has finally appeared, here's a reminder of the analysis of the RB10 by our technical expert @ScarbsF1

Tech analysis: Red Bull's hidden complexity
Bottas goes third quickest with 1m30.082s.
Bottas takes the Williams back out, Perez pits.
Vettel has completed the installation lap for the RB10, while Perez has now set a flying lap time.
Sebastian Vettel takes the Red Bull out for its first run.
Well, we were wrong! Perez has decided to head out. The rain looks like it will be brief. We've got dark clouds and some blue sky.
So, a run down of the times and laps completed.

1 Raikkonen, 1m27.104s (31 laps)
2 Hamilton, 1m27.820s (18 laps)
3 Vergne, 1m36.530s (15 laps)
4 Gutierrez, 1m42.257s (7 laps)
5 Perez, no time (4 laps)
6 Bottas, no time (2 laps)
7 Ericsson, no time (1 lap)
Official wet tyre running is set for Friday. They can move it sooner if conditions dictate, but with just 20 minutes left to go today it seems unlikely anybody will go out.
Rain has now hit Jerez, so that'll probably be it for today.
And now Raikkonen comes in, leaving the track empty.
Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari

A 1m27.9 for Kimi this time around, which is also his 30th lap today.
Bottas comes in and the Williams team roll the car back into the garage.
Kimi does a 1m28, the third fastest time of the day.
Bottas takes the FW36 out for its second run.
It's a 1m33s lap for the Ferrari, some way off his best. Having said that, it's still quicker than anyone else has managed except Hamilton!
Raikkonen heads out again. There is a good chance he'll end up on top of both the timesheet and most laps completed list.
Just 45 minutes to go and here is a reminder of who has completed the most laps:

1 Ferrari, 24
2 Mercedes, 18
3 Toro Rosso, 15
4 Sauber, 7
5 Force India, 4
6 Caterham/Williams, 1
Perez has pitted without setting a time, so we're still waiting for that list to grow above four.
Toro Rosso are reporting they hope to be back out soon.

@ToroRossoSpy: "Fuel, tyres... soon we'll be ready for the track again!"
And he's gone past the pits onto another lap, so perhaps we will get a lap time for the Force India.
With Raikkonen back in the pits, it is now Perez's turn to head out in the Force India.
As Williams celebrates one milestone, Caterham's Marcus Ericsson enjoys his own:

@Ericsson_Marcus: "Just done my first lap as a @CaterhamF1 driver. Very proud moment! Initial feeling good, but now the hard work starts. #F1 #Jerez"
Raikkonen is continuing his in-quick stop-out run.
Valtteri Bottas Williams F1 2014

Valtteri Bottas Williams F1 2014

Our first glimpse of the new Williams in the flesh (so to speak):

@WilliamsF1Team: "And here she is!! Hope you like her! #BO77AS makes his way in track!"
Bottas and Raikkonen have now pitted. But once again it's a quick stop for the Ferrari, which heads straight back out.
And Valtteri Bottas has taken the new Williams out onto the track at last.
AUTOSPORT's EDD STRAW reports Kimi was pressing on a bit with that last run, saying there was a bit of wheelspin and a rear-end wobble out of the last corner.
Raikkonen pits, but it's a quick stop and he goes straight back out. He has now done 20 laps, more than any other driver.
And again, 1m27.104s. A decent run this time from Kimi.
Felipe Massa F1 Williams 2014

Felipe Massa F1 Williams 2014

Our F1 editor EDD STRAW is down in the pitlane and waiting for the first glimpse of the Williams, which is due imminently.

He's just caught up with the team's new recruit Felipe Massa too, with the Brazilian reportedly 'eagerly anticipating the first run of the car'.
And now he goes fastest of all, 1m27.427s.
And Kimi goes quicker, 1m28.686s. That's only 0.9s down on Hamilton's best from earlier in the Mercedes.
Now Kimi heads out for Ferrari.