F1 US Grand Prix Live Commentary and Updates - FP1 & FP2

Live commentary and updates from Formula 1's US Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas.

By: Megan White, Stefan Mackley


  • Perez fastest in FP2 for US GP from Norris and Hamilton
  • Bottas tops FP1 ahead of Hamilton and Verstappen
  • Russell, Vettel and Bottas change engine parts and will receive grid penalties for qualifying
  • FP3 takes place on Saturday at 1900BST (1300 local time)
1. Perez, Red Bull 
2. Norris, McLaren
3. Hamilton, Mercedes
4. Bottas, Mercedes
5. Ricciardo, McLaren
6. Stroll, Aston Martin
7. Leclerc, Ferrari
8. Verstappen, Red Bull
9. Sainz, Ferrari
10. Giovinazzi, Alfa Romeo
Status: Stopped
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A bit of a faux-pas for Giovinazzi, who missed the pit entry - but he's managed to thread it back in to bring his session to a slightly inauspicious end.
Perez leads that session from Norris, Hamilton, Bottas and Ricciardo. Verstappen, unable to get a full flying run in, is eighth.
And that's it for FP2 - chequered flag is out.
Alonso's managed to go backwards into the wall at Turn 19, but has managed to get the car out of the gravel and retreats to the pits. Player 14 eliminated.
"There's something at the end of the cockpit touching my leg in the corner", Ocon reports. That's debris in the corner, that's debris in the spotlight...
F1's qualifying pace projections has Hamilton fastest from Perez, Bottas, Verstappen and Norris.
Perez and Hamilton now crack the 1m40s, so they're looking comfortable if early indications are anything to go by.
Leclerc and Sainz are on-par with the McLarens too, so they look evenly matched in the Ferrari/McLaren battle for third in the championship.
So yes, we're into the race run fun. The front-running medium runners - Perez, Hamilton, Bottas and Verstappen - are in the high 1m41s, with 1m42.0s for both Norris and Ricciardo at this stage.
Presumably a bit of pitstop practice punctuating the final half of the session too, as a number of cars have been in and out of the pits relatively swiftly.
Perez, Bottas and Hamilton return to the track on mediums, as does Verstappen, as we look to get the long runs in over the last 20 minutes.
"I just avoided a crash," says Mazepin, who finds an Aston Martin down his flank. That's something, I guess.
The top five are all in the pits, as are Verstappen and Sainz, having brought their quali sims to an end.
"I'm boxing, f*** this," Verstappen says.
"Recharge off, go now", Verstappen is told - but the Dutchman gets a face-full of traffic as he was about to start his run.
Norris and Hamilton now go second and third, as the latter has another run on his softs.
Ricciardo moves up to third, nestling between Bottas and Stroll on the timing board.
Perez now brings us back into the 1m34s, setting a 1m34.946s.
Leclerc lifts himself up to third with his soft tyre run, 0.2s off of Bottas' best.
It's Turn 19 where Hamilton went a little wide - the penultimate corner. If you've ever seen an IndyCar race here, you'll have seen a more...lax approach to that corner.
Scratch that, Hamilton's lap fell foul of track limits and has been claimed by the scythe's remorseless swing.
Hamilton now posts a 1m34.842s to go top.
Bottas now puts his softs to work, setting a 1m35.360s.
Lance Stroll goes top on the soft tyres, setting a 1m35.561s.
After a short spell in the pits, Bottas returns to the circuit bearing soft tyres. Hamilton does the same.
Russell is finally on track, and is about to set his opening run on the soft tyre.
"When I'm back in the box I need to change my helmet, my eyes are watering like crazy," Mazepin says. Not a dry eye in the house.
Norris breaks into the top five, going fifth on the mediums after his earlier elbow trouble.
Ocon has a bit of an excursion, exploring the vast expanse of run-off available at the Circuit of the Americas.
Perez is back on top, posting a 1m35.716s to go 0.05s clear of Bottas.
Hamilton and Verstappen have a bit of a race into Turn 1. "Stupid idiot," Verstappen responds, offering his middle finger as a riposte as Hamilton passes.
Sainz set a fastest first sector on his most recent lap, but elected to back out of it.
Bottas returns to the top of the timesheets, logging a 1m35.764s to dispatch Perez.
Leclerc displaces team-mate Sainz from fifth, half-a-second off the pace. Ricciardo now goes sixth on the soft tyre.
All of those top four laps were done on mediums. Sainz, in fifth and also on the middle tyre, is 0.9s off the pace.
Verstappen files into third on his opening lap, between Bottas and Hamilton.
Perez now posts a 1m35.883s to go top, just 0.004s clear of Bottas.