F1 Russian GP Live Updates - race day


By: Jake Boxall-Legge


Valtteri Bottas wins the 2020 Russian GP from Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton finishes third after serving 10s penalty for practice start violations
Sergio Perez takes fourth after extending opening stint on soft tyres, ahead of Daniel Ricciardo's Renault - despite a 5s time penalty for running wide at Turn 2 in bungled change of positions between himself and team-mate Esteban Ocon
Pierre Gasly makes extra pitstop late on under VSC but recovers to finish ninth
Race paused behind safety car after both Carlos Sainz Jr and Lance Stroll crash out on lap one
Status: Stopped
09:07 That's all from us - we'll see you in two weeks' time for the Eifel Grand Prix at the Nurburgring. Bye!
09:05 Champagne sprayage is very muted on the podium, or should that be Moeted? Other brands are available.
09:04 Everyone's wearing gloves on the podium, this is very full-kit territory given the FIA's new protocols.
08:56 Hamilton: "First I want to say a big thank you to all the fans that came this weekend. Spasibo. Not the greatest day but it is what it is."
08:55 Verstappen: "After the restart we were a bit slower on the mediums, but once we got on the hard tyres we were more competitive. We split the Mercedes cars, so we can be happy with that."
08:52 Russell had a tilt at fastest lap, slapping on softs and going for it - but he's just 0.3s off Bottas' purple time.
08:51 Verstappen gets a radio pat on the back for splitting the two Mercedes.
08:50 "To my critics, to whom it may concern - f**k you." Bottas says.
08:49 Perez secures fourth after a quiet race, as Ricciardo's hefty gap over Leclerc is enough to absorb a five-second penalty to secure fifth.
08:49 Albon has been given a five-second time penalty for going off track at Turn 2, but he has a healthy gap to Giovinazzi so he will keep hold of 10th place.
08:48 Verstappen takes second, 7.7s further down the road, as Hamilton is another 15s back for third.
08:47 And it's Valtteri Bottas, who comes across the line to win the Russian Grand Prix!
08:46 Russell pits for the third time this afternoon and puts on the soft tyres for a crack at the fastest lap on the final lap. Because why not.
08:46 Bottas starts the final lap of the race.
08:45 These frontrunners are disrupting an tasty late battle between Giovinazzi in P11 and back to Raikkonen in P14, with Magnussen and Vettel in the middle of the Alfa Romeo pair.
08:44 Gasly sets a 1m37.231s to hold the fastest lap for a few seconds, before Bottas punches in a 1m37.030s. Seems like it's game, set and match.
08:44 Bottas now opens lap 51 with a quick-looking lap, aiming to get the point for fastest lap. Gasly's challenging him for it, however.
08:43 As we hit lap 50, Bottas has 5.5s of Verstappen. Bottas had traffic, which Verstappen's now coming up to.
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