F1 Russian Grand Prix: Live commentary and updates

Live commentary and updates from Formula 1's Russian Grand Prix at the Sochi Autodrom

By: Jake Boxall-Legge, Lewis Duncan, Megan White


  • Hamilton takes his 100th win at the Russian Grand Prix
  • Verstappen finishes P2 after starting 20th with Sainz in third
  • Heartbreak for Norris after not pitting for intermediates at the right time caused him to fall down the order, finishing P7
  • Schumacher and Latifi retired
  1. Hamilton, Mercedes
  2. Verstappen, Red Bull
  3. Sainz, Ferrari
  4. Ricciardo, McLaren
  5. Bottas, Mercedes
  6. Alonso, Alpine
  7. Norris, McLaren
  8. Raikkonen, Alfa Romeo
  9. Perez, Red Bull
  10. Russell, Williams
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We'll see you in a couple of weeks' time for the Turkish Grand Prix - until then, see ya later!
Here's the race report from the Russian GP: https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/russian-gp-race-report/6675241/
Sainz: "First of all, I got a good launch, got tucked in behind Lando and went send to get him around Turn 2. [For the rain] we boxed at the right time and I was able to come out in P3."
Verstappen: "It was pretty tricky on the in-lap to make the call to go to inters. It was really slippery, but we picked the right lap to pit."
Hamilton: "It's taken a long time to get to 100 and I wasn't sure it would come. Lando did such an amazing job, he had incredible pace. It was bittersweet to see my old team ahead."
Galling for Norris, I'm sure - he must feel as though the weather gods were against him today.
"Yeah, we'll definitely take that," Verstappen says, as he picks up second place.
Bottas claims fifth, ahead of Alonso, as Norris clears Raikkonen on the final lap to pick up seventh. Perez and Russell round out the top 10.
Sainz finishes third, as Ricciardo salvages fourth for McLaren.
Max Verstappen finishes second - 53.2s down on Hamilton.
Lewis Hamilton takes his 100th Formula 1 victory at the Russian Grand Prix!
Norris pitted and rejoins in eighth, but has slid out of the pitlane entry - so he'll likely cop a penalty for that.
The incident between Stroll and Gasly will be investigated after the race.
Formula 1: You get one of the most mixed-up races of the year, and Hamilton and Verstappen finish first and second.
Leclerc, who stayed out on slicks, went straight on at Turn 5, causing a yellow flag.
With all the chaos of the rain, Bottas is now back into the points in sixth.
Norris is crawling to the pitlane now, this is a dream turned to a nightmare for him.
Norris slides off! Hamilton takes the lead!
"He's going to be in trouble if he hangs it out," Hamilton is told. Norris might have to concede here.
"We've got to commit," Norris says - and he's squirming all over the road at the moment! Can he hang on?
Stroll had a crash at Turn 11 and there was contact with one of the AlphaTauri's too. This race has gone mad!
Norris says "no" to the inters! Hamilton comes in to pit - this is THE decision here!
Mercedes asked Hamilton to stop, but he's stayed out! He doesn't want the inters!
Vettel and Stroll hit each other coming into Turn 11 and again exiting the corner!
Hamilton and Norris were all over the road there, but they're staying out! "It's slippery but it's not raining," Hamilton says.
Bottas has come in for inters.
"Let's box for inters." Stroll is coming in!
Perez now clears Sainz for third!
Norris goes wide! It's getting so slippery out there at Turn 5, but Norris somehow keeps ahead of Hamilton.
Vettel is now into the points in 10th after passing Russell.
"Get ready with inters," Sainz says.
"It's spitting quite a bit," Norris says.
"How are conditions, Max," Red Bull asks. "They're worsening a little bit."
Perez has cleared Ricciardo at Turn 13 with DRS, cementing fourth place at the next corner.
"Risk of rain increasing, it'll arrive at Turn 5 first," Hamilton is told.
Leclerc mugs Stroll on the outside of Turn 13 to take eighth.
"Spots of rain in Turn 10," Russell reports!
There's 10 laps to go, by the way.
"Threat of rain five-ten minutes, hitting Turns 5 and 7," Mercedes tells Bottas.
"Still the threat of rain towards the end," Hamilton is told.