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Live: F1 Hungarian GP commentary and updates - FP1 & FP2

Live commentary and updates for the 2022 edition of the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix, taking place at the Hungaroring this weekend.

Live: F1 Hungarian GP commentary and updates - FP1 & FP2

Following Charles Leclerc’s crash while leading last weekend’s French GP, Max Verstappen picked up the win and extended his F1 world championship lead to 63 points over his Ferrari rival.

But the main talking point in the F1 paddock has been Sebastian Vettel’s announcement that he will retire from F1 at the end of 2022.

The Hungarian GP marks the final race before F1’s summer break.

By: James Newbold, Lewis Duncan, Haydn Cobb


  • Leclerc leads Norris as Friday practice in Hungary concludes 
  • Sainz slots into third, with Verstappen fourth for Red Bull
  • Mercedes off the pace with Russell eighth and Hamilton 11th
  • Vettel announces F1 retirement on the eve of the event
  1. Leclerc, Ferrari
  2. Norris, McLaren
  3. Sainz, Ferrari
  4. Verstappen, Red Bull
  5. Ricciardo, McLaren
  6. Alonso, Alpine
  7. Vettel, Aston Martin
  8. Russell, Mercedes
  9. Perez, Red Bull
  10. Bottas, Alfa Romeo
Status: Stopped
Final practice starts at 12pm BST tomorrow, so be sure to check back in just before then to follow the build-up to the track action. Until then have a lovely rest  of your Friday! Go well!
With that we'll call time on this live coverage of Friday practice. But the fun doesn't stop here as we get to do it all again tomorrow with final practice and qualifying and, spoiler, there's a strong chance of rain. And a lot of it.

Here's the full recap on an intriguing FP2 for the Hungarian GP:

Who doesn't love a practice start on the grid? That concludes the F1 track action for today. It's been a good day on paper for Ferrari and McLaren, less so for Red Bull and Mercedes.
The chequered flag is out to mark the end of the session. Leclerc will take the headlines with a 0.217s advantage over Norris.
"Stay away from other cars to protect the parts," Norris is told over team radio. "I am... tell me where I am not," is the rather grumpy reply. McLaren is really keen to keep his car in one piece, but that's no surprise given he'll end FP2 second in the times.
Leclerc is the next driver to have a mini-moment at Turn 4, touching the inside kerb which unsettles his Ferrari on exit. He runs wide but avoids any further drama.
Ocon's got a splash of flow-vis paint on the back of his rear wing, so the team must be really ticking through its programme to have time to do that. There's been no stoppages, mind, so no need to play catch-up.
Hamilton catches an snap of oversteer at Turn 4 but has to take to the run-off and states that the "car's unstable" over team radio. Can't disagree with that assessment.
The good news is Leclerc gets going again without much trouble, and his time spent in the garage was fairly short after that earlier issue.
Ah, that's awkward. Leclerc hits the pitstop jack device as he attempts to leave the Ferrari garage and has to stop to get the mechanics to free it from under his front wing. Whoops.
"These oscillations in Turn 4 and 11 are a joke," Verstappen says over team radio. I wonder what their best one-liners are.
Leclerc has pitted with a suspected mechanical issue after chatter over the team radio. Ferrari is checking the car over in the team garage.
It has been a very encouraging FP2 for McLaren so far with Norris second and Ricciardo fifth. Could the Woking-based team be in the mix at the front?
"We want to be mindful with kerbs to protect this floor, OK?" Norris is told over McLaren team radio. Translation: Don't chuck the car off the track, we need it for the rest of the weekend.
Albon is back-on track. Whatever blighted the Williams driver has been fixed and he's lapping on the hards.
The majority of drivers have finished their soft tyre quali-style runs so it is long run o'clock for the final 21-and-a-bit minutes of the session.
"What the hell is going on at Turn 1? I just cannot get round the corner without locking," Russell says over Mercedes team radio, as he pops into eighth place ahead of Perez.
It has been a low-key FP2 for Red Bull so far and continues that way as Verstappen only goes fourth fastest and team-mate Perez is down in eighth.
Still no sign of Albon after he pitted following his Turn 1 spin. The Williams driver is now at the bottom of the times.
Next time around Sainz slots into third place, pushing Ricciardo down one spot after an impressive lap from him moments earlier. Both McLarens in the top four as it stands.
"Traffic with this stupid guy, this Williams," Sainz says over team radio. The Williams in question is Latifi, who holds up the Spaniard at Turn 5 and wrecks his push effort.
Alonso is also looking strong this afternoon, as he goes third with a 1m19.049s on the softs.
Norris kicked up a load of dust with that half-off which has caused the stripey yellow and red flag to be shown at the final corner. It doesn't stop Leclerc punching in a 1m18.445s to regain top spot.
...Norris goes top on the softs, despite running wide at the final corner and over the grass with his left-side tyres, to set a 1m18.662s.
Lots of laps being clocked up on the softs so the times are set to tumble...
Russell, who backed out of his first soft tyre timed lap due to Albon's spin, pops in a 1m19.711s to go fourth. That's still 0.8s off Leclerc's leading effort.
That's an odd one. Albon's rears completely lock up under braking which sends him into a spin. He manages to restart the car and gets going again but that's wrecked his tyres.
Albon has stopped at the side of the track and is facing the wrong way at Turn 1.
Meanwhile Vettel popped up to fifth for Aston Martin - only behind the Ferraris and Red Bull. What retirement?
The Mercedes pair were shuffled down to 14th and 15th respectively after those medium tyre runs. That's probably not representative, but it won't make for good reading for Toto Wolff and co.
The majority of drivers have pitted after their first runs in the session, so the order of the day will be soft tyres next time out.
Hamilton, on a faster lap that time around, opts to pit instead of completing the effort but he looked like making the top five with that effort.
Hamilton gives a deflated gasp after being told he's 1.9s off Leclerc's leading effort, especially as the pair set their laps on the same tyre compound. Hamilton is 10th at the moment, a fraction and one spot ahead of team-mate Russell.
There's a bit of a split in programmes between the teams at present. Both Williams are on the softs, while both McLarens and Alpine's Ocon are on the hards. Everyone else is on the mediums.
Schumacher catches a slide through the Turns 6-7 chicane to avoid any further dramas but that moment ruins his lap.
Sainz makes it a Ferrari 1-2 with a 1m 19.548s on the mediums.