F1 Belgian GP Live updates - race day


By: Jake Boxall-Legge


Hamilton wins Belgian GP from pole
Bottas and Verstappen complete podium
Fastest lap for Ricciardo with a 1m47.483s
Russell, Giovinazzi out after crash. Sainz a non-starter
Status: Stopped
10:49 Verstappen: "It was pretty boring, not very interesting, not much to do. I ran out of tyres at the end, so I was just stretching it out, saving the front tyres. It was not enjoyable out there today."
10:47 Bottas: "Of course at the start it would have been a good opportunity but I think Lewis played it really well. I just couldn't catch him on the straight. With the same car and Lewis driving mistake-free, it was really difficult"
10:45 Hamilton: "It wasn't the easiest of races! It was a bit of a struggle, but nonetheless I think it was okay. I was worried we've have a scenario like Silverstone, but the tyre seemed to have quite a bit of rubber left on it"
10:40 Norris ends the race in P7, with Gasly, Stroll and Perez rounding out the scorers.
10:40 Bottas and Verstappen will flank Hamilton on the podium. Ricciardo and Ocon get fourth and fifth, with Albon having to be content with sixth.
10:39 Ricciardo snatches the fastest lap with a 1m47.483s! We've barely seen him all day!
10:38 On the final lap, Ocon finally clears Albon and completes a 4-5 for Renault.
10:38 And Lewis Hamilton wins the Belgian GP!
10:37 Gasly gets up to P8 on the penultimate lap as he overtakes Stroll. It has been a terrific performance by the AlphaTauri driver this afternoon.
10:37 It's the final lap.
10:35 Albon holds the line perfectly once more into Les Combes, keeping Ocon at bay for a while longer.
10:34 A big battle for fifth is brewing, as Albon, Ocon and Norris are all grouped together.
10:32 "I don't like the feel of this right tyre", Hamilton reports. He's hanging on now, dropping into the 1m49s.
10:32 On lap 40 the alternate strategy duo swap places as Gasly overtakes Perez with the aid of DRS at the end of the Kemmel Straight. Gasly is up to P9 and hunting down Stroll.
10:31 Ocon has a go at Albon onto the Kemmel Straight, but Albon gets his lines right and defends from the Renault driver.
10:30 The leaders are hanging onto their tyres now, being told to be super-careful in the last few laps. Bottas was told to stay off the kerbs after a Bus Stop lock-up.
10:29 Norris is up to P7 after getting ahead of Stroll and is closing in on Ocon. The lone McLaren has six laps to catch the Renault ahead of him.
10:28 Ocon's homing in on Albon, so he'll presumably secure P5 before the race is out.
10:27 As we poke fun at the tyre graphic, Hamilton had a lock-up into the Bus Stop and lost a second to Bottas. I'm preparing to tuck into humble pie.
10:26 Perez and Gasly are on a crusade through the midfield using the alternate strategy. The Racing Point driver goes around the outside of Kvyat at Les Combes to take P9, with Gasly following him through later in the lap, but the Russian driver made it easier work for his team-mate to get ahead.
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