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Live: F1 Austrian GP updates - Sprint race

Follow the live action as the Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix continues on Saturday with the sprint race.

F1 pushes on with round nine this weekend and its second sprint race of the season at the Austrian GP.

Saturday has become effectively a standalone event, with sprint qualifying at 11am BST followed by the sprint race at 3:30pm BST.

Max Verstappen, who took pole position for the grand prix on Friday, leads the drivers’ standings by 69 points from Red Bull team-mate Sergio Perez.

By: Haydn Cobb, Sam Hall


  • Verstappen has won the Austrian GP sprint from Perez on a drying Red Bull Ring
  • The top five drivers all remained on intermediate tyres
  • Hulkenberg recovered to sixth on slick tyres as Russell scored an unlikely point for Mercedes
  1. Verstappen, Red Bull
  2. Perez, Red Bull
  3. Sainz, Ferrari
  4. Stroll, Aston Martin
  5. Alonso, Aston Martin
  6. Hulkenberg, Haas
  7. Ocon, Alpine
  8. Russell, Mercedes
  9. Norris, McLaren
  10. Hamilton, Mercedes
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After all that, the final word goes to Dilano van ’t Hoff, who sadly lost his life earlier today in a FRECA race at Spa. Autosport sends its thoughts and condolences to all of his family, friends and loved ones.


So, even though it had little impact on the final result, are you Team Max or Team Checo for that first lap?
Have you caught your breath after the F1 sprint race? Here's the race report:

Here's Verstappen take on the Perez incident: "It was a little bit of a hairy moment out of Turn 1, being forced onto the grass, it is very slippery, but we managed to keep the car under control. From then on we just did our own race."

Perez on that near-miss with Verstappen on the first lap: "I think Max was angry that I went into Turn 2, but I didn't see him there, once I realised he was there I opened up the door. It is fine, we spoke about it."

Verstappen and Perez discuss their close moments at the exit of Turn 1 and at Turn 3 on the opening lap. It looks like they don't see the incidents the same way, but all is fair in love and war between team-mates.
That was one heck of a sprint race! Overtakes everywhere you looked, pitstop gambles paying off, but Verstappen still won by 21s.
Apologises, it was Ocon vs Russell at the finish line, with Ocon just taking seventh place ahead of the Mercedes driver.
Sainz takes third for Ferrari, as Stroll defends from Aston Martin team-mate Alonso to keep fourth place. Hulkenberg fends off Ocon to take sixth place at the finish line!
Verstappen wins the Austrian GP by 21s from Perez!
No! Russell takes eighth place! The pitstop gamble pays off.
Hulkenberg gets by Norris and Ocon to grab sixth place - so can the McLaren keep clear of Russell to keep the final points place?
Verstappen must be wondering what all the fuss is about, as he starts the final lap with a 20.2s lead.
Piastri and Albon bang wheels as the McLaren driver nips by into 12th place on lap 23.
Russell is now ahead of Gasly for ninth place and chasing after Hulkenberg for the final points place.
Action everywhere you look - except for the leaders who are in a race of their own - as Hamilton, Albon and Bottas go three-wide into Turn 4 and somehow don't clattered into each other.
Hulkenberg, the highest-placed pitter, gets back up to eighth passing Gasly. Now he has 12s to gain to catch Norris.
Albon and Leclerc pit from the points places - but they are leapfrogged by Russell at pit exit - so the Merc gamble pays off!
Hulkenberg, Hamilton, Magnussen, Sargeant, de Vries, and Zhou all pit for dry tyres! Just five laps to go so it was now or never.
Piastri also pits for dry tyres, as all eyes turn to Russell's lap times for the soft tyre effect.
Stroll, with DRS, darts by Hulkenberg on the run to Turn 3 to take fourth place.
Verstappen has a comfortable 11.7s gap in the lead over Perez, so aside from any dramas, that battle looks done.
Leclerc slips off the track at the final corner and that gifts Norris ninth place at the end of lap 15. Behind them Russell gambles with a pitstop for slick tyres - and DRS is enabled.
The Ocon blockage has Leclerc, Norris, Russell and Hamilton in the train now.
Ocon and Leclerc come inches away from a huge crash on the exit of Turn 4  but they somehow avoid tripping over each other. Ocon is doing everything he can to keep hold of the final points position.
Hulkenberg's Haas doesn't have the traction of its rivals out of the slow corners, and Sainz blasts by to take third place from the German on lap 13.
On lap 12, Hulkenberg's defence is breached as Perez nips by at Turn 5 to regain second place.
Verstappen is now 8s clear of Hulkenberg, who is coming under attack from Perez.
Hamilton and Magnussen go wheel-to-wheel through Turns 4 and 5, but the Dane has to yield to give the Mercedes 12th place.
Alonso suspects the track will dry out before the end of the race. There's still 14 laps to go so this could get hairy.
Russell gets his elbows out to take the inside line at Turn 3 on Magnussen and gets the move done for 11th place at Turn 4.
Verstappen is clearing off at the front with a 4.5s lead over Hulkenberg, who in turn is edging clear of Perez with a 1.5s gap.
A lap later Leclerc goes from attacker to defender, as Norris gives it a go around the outside of Turn 4 to get the inside into Turn 5, but the move doesn't stick.
Leclerc puts his front wing ahead of Ocon, but can't make the move stick with less grip, to allow the French driver to keep hold of eighth out of Turn 6.
Verstappen's lead is up to 2.4s over Hulkenberg who is defending second place well from Perez.

"What's wrong with Max, man?" Perez asks after that lap one shuffle. They came so close to contact twice at the start.

After that nervy opening lap, Verstappen is pulling clear now with a 1.7s lead over Hulkenberg with Perez in third. Further back, Magnussen and Russell trade overtakes for 11th.
Norris has had a nightmare start, dropping to 10th, while Hamilton is up to 13th.
Here we go! Perez leads out of Turn 1 after a ginger start by Verstappen, but the Dutchman fights back at Turn 3 and regains the lead at Turn 4 - that pushes Perez behind Hulkenberg!