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Live: F1 Austrian GP commentary and updates - FP1 & Qualifying

Minute by minute updates from the Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix Friday practice and qualifying sessions.

Live: F1 Austrian GP commentary and updates - FP1 & Qualifying

The sprint race weekend format returns at the Red Bull Ring this weekend, meaning there is just one practice session ahead of the traditional qualifying format which is scheduled for Friday afternoon.

Max Verstappen saw his lead in the F1 world drivers’ championship trimmed to 34 points in a dramatic British GP last time out, as Red Bull team-mate Sergio Perez finished as runner-up to maiden winner Carlos Sainz.

Charles Leclerc lost out in a Ferrari strategy call to drop to fourth place in the Silverstone race, putting him 43 points behind Verstappen in the standings.

By: Tom Howard, Jake Boxall-Legge, Lewis Duncan, Haydn Cobb


  • Verstappen takes pole position at the F1 Austrian GP, beating Leclerc and Sainz
  • Q3 stopped by two red flags; Russell crashed at Turn 10 after Hamilton went off at Turn 7
  • Perez, in fourth, under investigation for exceeding track limits in Q2
  • Out in Q2: P11 Gasly, P12 Albon, P13 Bottas, P14 Tsunoda, P15 Norris
  • Out in Q1: P16 Ricciardo, P17 Stroll, P18 Zhou, P19 Latifi, P20 Vettel
  1. Verstappen, Red Bull
  2. Leclerc, Ferrari
  3. Sainz, Ferrari
  4. Perez, Red Bull
  5. Russell, Mercedes
  6. Ocon, Alpine
  7. Magnussen, Haas
  8. Schumacher, Haas
  9. Alonso, Alpine
  10. Hamilton, Mercedes
Status: Stopped
And that's all from us - thanks for joining, and we'll be back tomorrow for all the sprint shenanigans. See you then!
"Not bad, not bad," Verstappen says coolly, as if he's just come back from the shops.
Sainz is third, as Perez can't improve. Russell stays fifth over Ocon, Magnussen, Schumacher, Alonso and Hamilton.
Leclerc does a 1m05.014s, but Verstappen grabs pole position with a 1m04.984s!
It's a 1m05.879s for Magnussen to go seventh, with Schumacher slotting into eighth. Ocon takes the flag and sits sixth for now.
Magnussen and Schumacher were first onto the scene, followed by Ocon. "We're fighting the cars in front to do the outlap you want to do," the Alpine driver is told.
Green flag once more. Let's keep it clean, yeah?
The session will resume at 18:18 local time - or 17:18 in BST.
So there's two and a half minutes left in the session, enough time to get a lap in. Russell's under investigation for "entering the track without permission".
Russell just lost his car at the final corner, and went backwards into the wall. Both Mercedes now out of this session.
Alonso goes P7 with a 1m06.103s - but it's another red flag, and it's George Russell!
Alonso and Russell get us rolling for the final part of Q3.
And we're back for the final five-and-a-half minutes of the session.
The session will resume at five-past the hour - so, in three minutes' time.
The Mercedes driver disconsolately gets out of the car, and that'll require a clean-up crew and Austria's finest tyre-shufflers to repair the wall.
That's not something you see often at all - Hamilton got a swapper on and just skipped across the gravel and into the wall. "I'm so sorry," he says.
Hamilton drops it in the wall at Turn 7! Red flag!
Schumacher's lap is chalked off for track limits. Neither Alonso or Hamilton have a representative lap either.
Sainz gets to P2 with a 1m05.300s, but Verstappen then picks up a 1m05.092s to go to the top for now.
It's a 1m05.779s for Ocon, which is beaten by Russell's 1m05.452. Leclerc then does a 1m05.183s to go top.
We've got some runners on track now, all looking to get pole. Ocon will be first to get a time in.
Perez is under investigation for track limits at Turn 8 in the previous part of qualifying.
Q3 begins - here we go.
Progressing to Q3: Leclerc, Verstappen, Hamilton, Sainz, Russell, Perez, Magnussen, Ocon, Alonso, Schumacher.
Eliminated from Q2: Gasly, Albon, Bottas, Tsunoda, Norris.
Bottas completed a lap but wasn't able to get into the top 10 - he stays 13th. Norris didn't get a representative lap in that stuck - a miserable day for McLaren.
Perez now moves up to sixth, which shuffles Gasly back into 11th!
Albon gets up to 10th, as Magnussen fires up to sixth place. Gasly then dumps Albon out of the top 10, as Verstappen gets up to second.
"I'm scared to hit the brakes," Norris says, struggling with his car. Them's the brakes.
Ocon is up to sixth place - but we're about to get a deluge of quick laps.
Leclerc posts a 1m05.287s to go top now, as Sainz can only go up to fourth. Norris moves up to 13th with his first push lap that didn't end in a lock-up - but it's removed for track limits.
"It feels like the car is not switching on the tyre," Perez reports along with some understeer.
Gasly and Tsunoda both set laps, but neither can get out of the drop zone. They're up to 13th and 14th, ahead of Norris who's yet to do a 'proper' lap.
Perez has a lap deleted and that puts the Red Bull in the drop zone, as Alonso moves up to sixth place.
Bottas puts his Alfa into P10 - a reminder that he's got new power unit parts, but won't serve the penalties until Sunday's race.
Hamilton improves to a 1m05.475s, which puts him about a tenth clear of Verstappen now. Schumacher goes P6, with Magnussen just behind him.
Albon does his first lap to get up to eighth, while Schumacher and Magnussen are about to set their first times of Q2.
Tsunoda has a lap deleted, while the bottom five of Albon, Alonso, Magnussen, Schumacher and Bottas are yet to set a time.