Barcelona February Test Test day two


By: Pablo Elizalde, Steven English


Status: Stopped
That's it for today. Tomorrow's commentary from Barcelona will kick off at 8am UK time
@mikegascoyne: Jarno went out on new tyres but stopped with another steering rack hydraulic problem. Lots of work tonight. Generally very good progress on setup direction today from Jarno. Long way to go but direction very clear
@clairevwilliams: We won!! Session ended just a couple of mins early as Alonso spun off, leaving the Hulk at the top of the charts
Session has been flagged off
It looks as though Alonso has caused the red flag
Just two minutes to go for someone to knock the Williams rookie off top spot
Schumacher in, just Alonso left on track
A bit of Ferrari humour. Clearly happy with their day...

@insideferrari: It is possible that some rabbits will be around as usual in the last minutes of the afternoon session
De la Rosa, Hamilton and Glock in
Into the last 10 minutes now. Hulkenberg still fastest, but is in pits. Alonso, de la Rosa, Schumacher, Hamilton and Glock still on track
Alonso in the 1m21s again
@mylotusracing: it's a wrap. we are done for 2day. will set the car up for tomorrow. weather f/cast for tmrw in now-sunny Barca, will be a chance of rain
@insideferrari: A very intense afternoon for Alonso. Race simulation completed successfully Now there is a lot of work for the engineers to analyse the data
Alonso, de la Rosa and Hamilton out at restart
It's definitely Trulli who has caused the red flag, but it's not clear why yet
It looks like it might be the Lotus again. Everyone else back in
Another red flag
Alonso into the 1m21s, 6 laps into run
... and then goes in the pits. That's a couple of short runs since the session restarted. Qualifying simulation runs?
Hulkenberg does a 1m20.857s
Alonso and de la Rosa in 1m22s, but fuel levels unknown
@rf1paddockpass: Limited running this afternoon so we'll try the race distance later this week. Robert's still working on set-up.
Hulkenberg out now
Laps completed with just under 30min to go: Vettel, 125; Alonso, 123; De la Rosa, 105 Alguersuari, 104; Hulkenberg, 95; Liuzzi, 90; Hamilton, 84; Schumacher, 75; Trulli, 67; Kubica, 53; Glock, 51
De la Rosa out too
Alonso and Schumacher have also gone back out
Trulli first car out at restart. Half an hour to go

Still waiting to hear of the cause of Vettel's stoppage
Weather update: air temperature - 18.2; track temp 28.3
@mylotusracing: last hour of testing, we are ready to be out there in a few minutes time
Vettel has stopped out on track in the Red Bull
The session has been stopped.
de la Rosa and and Vettel both in 1m23s early in their runs
Alguersuari's laps were very consistent during run, mainly in 1m24s
Alguersuari pits after a 33-lap run
Force India is finished for the day

@clubforce Race sim has finished and that's the close of the programme for us today. The team will now move to prepare the second chassis that will be tested tomorrow by Adrian Sutil.
Schumacher pits after nine laps in the mid-high 24s
Some team-to-team love from the Williams camp

@clairevwilliams: - It's not in my nature to be nice about other teams (sorry!) but I'm loving the Lotus!
Laps completed after six hours of running: Vettel, 114; Alonso, 110; Alguersuari, 100; Hulkenberg, 93; de la Rosa, 92; Liuzzi, 90; Hamilton, 73; Schumacher, 71; Trulli, 64; Kubica, 51; Glock, 43
Trulli is back on track in the Lotus following the car's earlier hydraulic failure