Barcelona F1 test two day two


By: Geoff Creighton


Status: Stopped
Driver, Team, Time, Tyre
Ricciardo,Red Bull,1m18.047s,HS
Ocon,Force India,1m20.805s,S
Hartley,Toro Rosso, 1m19.823s,HS
Hopefully when that quintet comes back round they'll filter into the pitlane and this is over.
Everyone's away! And this is officially getting a bit repetitive.
Bottas and Grosjean make up the front row. Raikkonen and Sirotkin occupy the second row. Alonso looking to get the jump from fifth.
They're coming back round again.
Alonso better hurry back round. His media session is in just over two minutes.
And they're away!
As did Raikkonen.
Alonso's joined them on the grid too.
Bottas, Grosjean and Sirotkin line up at the start.
"Standing start", race control declares.
Raikkonen's popped out in the Ferrari again.
There's Alonso, too, in the McLaren.
Bottas, Grosjean and Sirotkin head out. Hartley too.
Of course. Green flag...
Well it's now 6.08pm and still in a red flag situation.
Pit lane open at 6.08pm...
There are thick black lines heading off the circuit on the exit of Turn 12 to the gravel where Leclerc's Sauber came to a stop.
And now the truck heads back to the pits with a Sauber onboard.
Leclerc's Sauber is still being recovered. It's on the back of a truck now.
Leclerc has caused the latest red flag

Leclerc has caused the latest red flag

The timing system just states a red flag situation for now.
So Renault has clocked up 190 laps between its two drivers today - cumulatively that's just eight laps shy of three Spanish Grand Prix distances.
We're not going to declare the action definitely over until race control tells us they aren't extending the day by five minutes or sending the cars out for a practice start or something.
Either way, that's the session surely over. Four minutes left on the clock and Leclerc's Sauber is firmly beached in the gravel at Turn 12.
We think - by the way - Hartley's improvement there was on hypersofts.
Red flag! Leclerc is in the gravel.
We may be into the final 10 minutes, but that's not putting off Hartley. A 1m19.823s puts him fifth - one place, incidentally, ahead of Alonso.
Alonso on track with under 10 minutes to go

Alonso on track with under 10 minutes to go

Alonso meanwhile has finally cracked 50 - five more than Raikkonen, but the Finn has only been driving the Ferrari in the afternoon.
Ricciardo still getting the laps in between pitstop practice, he's up to 164. Hulkenberg now just a lap shy of a century, giving Renault a very impressive total of 187 for the day.
Just the six hours and 37 minutes we've had to wait for another glimpse of that McLaren.
Hartley snuck in another improvement there, a 1m20.257s, but he remains ninth.
Stop the presses! Alonso is out in the McLaren with 13 minutes left...
Into the final 15 minutes of today's testing

Into the final 15 minutes of today's testing

Last gasp improvement for Hartley with just over 15 minutes to go. The Kiwi does a 1m20.287s on ultrasofts, putting him ninth.