Barcelona F1 test day one


By: Geoff Creighton


Vettel ends day one on top, Sainz gets within 0.4s
Four drivers complete 100+ laps
Hamilton in for Bottas at Mercedes, Ricciardo gets first proper laps for Renault
Williams set to miss Tuesday's running
Racing Point makes track debut
Alfa Romeo shows off 2019 colours
Status: Stopped
08:52 Driver, Team, Time, Tyre
Verstappen,Red Bull,1m19.426s,C3
Perez,Racing Point,1m19.944s,C3
Raikkonen,Alfa Romeo,1m19.462s,C3
Kvyat,Toro Rosso,1m19.464s,C4
12:29 That ends a fantastic first day of F1 testing in Barcelona. It had a bit of everything, didn't it?

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After that exceptional plug, check out the report from the afternoon session, and meet us back here bright and early tomorrow for round two. You don't want to miss it.
F1 testing: Morning time keeps Ferrari's Vettel on top on first day
12:08 Here's how things finished up on day one:
1 Vettel (Ferrari), 1m18.161s (169 laps)2 Sainz (McLaren), 1m18.558s (119)3 Grosjean (Haas), 1m19.159s (65)4 Verstappen (Red Bull), 1m19.426s (128)5 Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo), 1m19.462s (114)6 Kvyat (Toro Rosso), 1m19.464s (77)7 Perez (Racing Point), 1m19.944s (30)8 Bottas (Mercedes), 1m20.127s (69)9 Hamilton (Mercedes, 1m20.135s (81)10 Hulkenberg (Renault), 1m20.980s (65)11 Ricciardo (Renault), 1m20.983s (44)
12:02 Red flags are quite common at the end of test days - usually because the teams will try to see how far they can push the cars on fuel before they run out. We're not saying that's what Alfa Romeo did, of course...
12:01 Circuit CCTV cameras are picking up a recovery mission taking place on the approach to the first corner, where it looks like Raikkonen's Alfa has just come to a stop.
11:59 Red flag with just a minute to go on day one of F1 testing.
11:57 Kvyat is back out on the red C4 tyres, and he finds a couple of tenths to improve to a 1m19.464s.
11:56 Grosjean speeds up to a 1m20.5s, but that's still some margin off the pace he was showing earlier on the harder C3 compound.
11:55 Seven of the nine teams running today are on track as we enter the final five minutes. Just Racing Point and Renault in the garages.
11:54 Grosjean follows up a 1m29s with a 1m27s, so we're starting to think he isn't trying to reclaim second place after all.
11:53 Hamilton tours past the pits on a slow-speed run, just ahead of Grosjean, who is yet to show us what the C4-tyres run is all about.
11:52 Grosjean is now out on a set of the red C4 tyres. A bid to reclaim second from Sainz, who used that same compound to outpace the Haas not long ago?
11:49 Sainz is passing through the pits every lap at the moment, while Vettel has come in after another long run with his lap tally up to 166.
11:45 Vettel, Verstappen and Raikkonen are still circulating, but they are all in the high 1m22s or slower.
11:45 Sainz starts another hot lap with a new fastest first sector, but the lap falls away (by half a second in the middle sector and eight tenths in the third) and he ends up crossing the line with a 1m19.9s.
11:42 Sainz retakes second from Grosjean with a 1m18.558s to get within half a second of Vettel. Until a few minutes ago, we didn't even have anyone within one second of the Ferrari. But Sainz has used a softer tyre than Vettel and Grosjean to set that time that puts him between them in the order.
11:41 Yep, looks like Sainz is going for a time - new fastest first sector, and a personal best middle sector...
No headline times, but a good amount of running for Mercedes. Hamilton (pictured) and Bottas have complete 145 laps between them

No headline times, but a good amount of running for Mercedes. Hamilton (pictured) and Bottas have complete 145 laps between them

11:41 We'll keep an eye on Sainz, he's on the C4 tyres so could be going for a time. Grosjean returns to the pits after doing just that on the C3s just now and taking second from the Spaniard.
11:40 Verstappen puts in a 1m19.6s, just two tenths down on his best for the day.
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