Meeke ruling delayed until Thursday

Kris Meeke and the Peugeot UK team will have to wait until Thursday to discover if their Rally of Scotland win stands

Meeke ruling delayed until Thursday

The results from last weekend's Intercontinental Rally Challenge season-closer were declared final for all but Meeke's rally-winning 207 S2000.

There was a question mark over the front cross-member on the car. The cross-member has been weighed three times today, with each of the readings coming out differently. The process has now been halted and a new set of calibrated scales is being flown in to Scotland for the most precise reading possible on Thursday.

Meeke, who won the IRC title on the penultimate round, was unavailable for comment, but a spokesman from Peugeot UK said: "We have to be realistic here and it's important for the rally to be fair. If the organisers of the event have any concerns over the car then they are right to investigate them fully, rather than jump to conclusions.

"We are completely confident that the car will be legal and if we disagree with the findings on Thursday, then of course we will appeal."

Any decision on Thursday will have no effect on Meeke's drivers' title or the IRC manufacturers' award won by Peugeot.


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