Don't rule out Schumacher

Ferrari's technical director Ross Brawn has warned the rest of the Formula 1 paddock they should not rule out Michael Schumacher in Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix, despite the German's worst qualifying performance of the year

Schumacher will start the Monte Carlo race from fourth position on the grid, having been on the front row of all the races so far. If he wins tomorrow, Michael would set a new record for successive season-opening wins.

"You must never underestimate Michael but we've made it tough for him," said Brawn. "Obviously we're very disappointed with qualifying in the end, but we knew we were in trouble after the first session, and Monaco has a tradition of getting quicker and quicker. The sun went in and the temperature dropped, which worked against us, but we've had good luck with the weather in the last five races, so we can't really complain.

"The car is very good but the qualifying position means he's got to do something special tomorrow. He's very happy with the car, and it's very consistent, but starting from fourth is going to be a bit of a challenge. We can get beaten at every race, but there's a strong chance it will happen here. I promise you, we won't be giving up easily."

Of his plight, Schumacher said: "I think in Ross we have the master of strategy in our team, so I cross my fingers that he'll do the best job he can. Where we will end up from our situation is the big question. Monaco is a long race, it's not optimum where we start from, we're not very happy about that, but what can you do?"

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