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Renault willing to supply more Formula 1 teams from 2014

Renault logoRenault is open to expanding its Formula 1 engine supply deals beyond its current four teams for 2014 - but only as long as it does not hurt its chances of more success with works squad Red Bull.

With the possibility of there being only three engine manufacturers after next year, Renault, Mercedes or Ferrari might have to increase their customer numbers.

Renault CEO and chairman Carlos Ghosn confirmed in Brazil on Sunday that the French car manufacturer would be happy to supply as many teams as necessary.

"Why not?" he said when asked by AUTOSPORT about the chances of more customers for 2014.

"We will provide as many teams as is allowed by the rules because there are some rules and we will follow the rules. But there is no problem. Our technology is not limited to some teams.

"We are ready to offer our technology for more teams. But the condition is not to dilute the attention to the teams who are winning for us preserving a very strong technological support for Red Bull is a priority.

"We want to make sure that we are always with the team that wins and can compete, but at the same time we are ready to supply the technology to other teams."

F1's rules currently limit manufacturers to supply a maximum of three teams, unless they have been given approval by the FIA for more. Renault supplies Red Bull, Lotus, Williams and Caterham at present.

Ghosn also said that the move to more environmentally-friendly technology from 2014 with 1.6-litre V6 turbos coming in was welcomed by Renault.

"Remember in 2008 when we made the change of strategy and said we are going to become an engine provider, the condition was F1 would move towards more environmentally friendly technologies," he said.

"We didn't say we need electric cars. We just said that we'll stay and we will continue to contribute as long as the technology is moving towards being more environmentally friendly. And that is what is taking place."

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