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Race Centre Formula 1
Austria / Round 9
1st Free practice
2nd Free practice
3rd Free practice
1st Qualifying
2nd Qualifying
3rd Qualifying
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  • Circuit: Red Bull Ring
  • Race: 71 laps / 307.02 km
Europe / 19 Jun
Pos Driver Team
1 Rosberg Mercedes
2 Vettel Ferrari
3 Perez Force India/Mercedes
4 Raikkonen Ferrari
5 Hamilton Mercedes
6 Bottas Williams/Mercedes
7 Ricciardo Red Bull/Renault
8 Verstappen Red Bull/Renault
9 Hulkenberg Force India/Mercedes
10 Massa Williams/Mercedes
Standings / After 8 races
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  • Why things keep going wrong for Ducati Ducati still hasn't won in MotoGP since October 2010 - but it could have triumphed three times already this year and rivals reckon it's been the best package on the grid at many races. So why can't Andrea Dovizioso and Andrea Iannone get the job done? 1467158400 MotoGP

  • F1's owners face a backlash of their own making Formula 1's current owners face the daunting prospect of renegotiating for the next set of contract extensions with teams, a task made all the more difficult by how it was handled last time around 1467158400 F1

  • Will F1's new rules really change the order? As teams start to divert their focus to next year's new technical regulations, will any be able to leap up the order? And are Ferrari's and Fernando Alonso's optimistic claims valid? GARY ANDERSON answers your questions 1467072000 F1

  • Who will roll the dice for F1 2017? With a big change in the regulations looming, the Formula 1 grid faces a decision: keep pushing on for 2016 glory, or switch focus to the new era 1467072000 F1

  • Is F1 too boring for the modern world? Can Formula 1 keep up with a world in which media, fans' appetites and even the status of the motor car are changing? The latest instalment of the 'What is F1?' series examines whether the championship needs to make fundamental changes to adapt 1466985600 F1

  • Why FE is ahead of F1 on virtual reality While Formula 1 is now talking about virtual reality as a potential part of its future, Formula E is already in the game, and is ready to grow with the emerging technology 1466985600 FE

  • Why F1's top teams should fear McLaren The McLaren-Honda alliance is yet to score a podium in Formula 1 since reuniting for 2015, but the progress it's making indicates it could be at the sharp end of the grid sooner than its recent results suggest 1466726400 F1

  • How to make sure motorsport has a future Motorsport's long-term future as a mainstream activity and form of entertainment is far from assured. The sport's governing body has to be at the centre of keeping it relevant and accessible for younger generations 1466726400 F1

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