Mateschitz against Red Bull team orders

Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz says he would prefer any of his drivers to finish in second place in the championship before imposing team orders

The team has refused to throw its weight behind Mark Webber this season, despite the Australian having been in a stronger position than team-mate Sebastian Vettel in the latter part of the season.

Vettel won the Brazilian Grand Prix on Sunday, finishing ahead of Webber and championship leader Fernando Alonso.

The result meant Alonso will clinch the title in the season finale in Abu Dhabi by finishing in second if Vettel wins.

Despite the team's position benefiting Alonso, Mateschitz says imposing team orders was never a possibility, and he claims he would prefer his drivers to lose out "under the correct circumstances".

"To interfere with the drivers was never a possibility for us," said Mateschitz. "The whole world condemned Ferrari after what they did in Hockenheim, but we have turned out as idiots because we did not act in this way.

"We never even thought about it as long as both our drivers remain in the hunt for the championship.

"It is not assured that Alonso will always be the lucky one. Abu Dhabi will be incredibly exciting and provide highest tension.

"Sunday night we will know if we clinched the other 50 percent and have been successful or not. A second place under correct circumstances might be better than a win on grounds of orders and confirmations."

Mateschitz admitted that clinching the constructors' championship was an enormous satisfaction, but he is still hopeful of achieving the other "50 per cent" of their goals.

"There was so much at stake. You never know what happens," he added. "And anything can happen until the end as we learnt just recently. It is a wonderful, sensational feeling to have won the constructors' title. We consequently worked on this for five years now and we are all glad it happened.

"This championship means satisfaction and joy for us. We missed out by a whisper last year, now it worked. But we have only achieved 50 percent of our goal. The other 50 percent hopefully will emerge next Sunday".

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