Formula 1 pay rise no comfort for Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo has revealed a Red Bull pay rise for this Formula 1 season has meant nothing without the results to justify it

After being promoted from Toro Rosso, Ricciardo scored three F1 wins during his first campaign with the team last year, earning a wage boost from boss Christian Horner.

But this year podiums, never mind wins, have been hard to come by given Red Bull's struggles, primarily with the Renault power unit.

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As far as the Australian is concerned, while the extra cash is welcome, it all pales into insignificance when it comes to what really drives Ricciardo - success.

"It's highlighted to me this year how much I love winning, and how much I love the success of the sport," said Ricciardo, speaking to AUTOSPORT.

"It hurts when you can't fight for the wins, so I'm actually really glad to see that.

"Last year was easy in a way because nearly every race we could fight for a podium. You sort of got into a rhythm.

"This year I got a little bit of a pay rise, which is nice, but I'm a lot less happier than last year because of the results.

"Even though I make a bit more money, it means nothing to me now.

Horner: Ricciardo back to his best

"The success is purely what I'm driven by, and that's good for me.

"It shows the hunger is stronger than ever, and that's my biggest motivation."

Ricciardo feels the two widely-contrasting seasons can only be of benefit to him in the future, adding: "This year will serve me well in my career now, going from having a high from last year to now having, let's say, more of a low.

"It's definitely toughened me up a little bit and I think it will make me appreciate even more when I do get a chance at winning again.

"I don't want to contradict myself because I felt I took advantage of all of it last year, but I think it will make me even stronger as a competitor."


Ricciardo would like to believe his first podium of the season, third at the last race in Hungary, has provided a platform for a stronger second half of the campaign.

Although three of the next four races at Spa, Monza and Suzuka will be tough for Red Bull, an expected engine upgrade from Renault at the Russian Grand Prix should bode well and allow the team to finish on a high.

Ricciardo said: "I look back on the first part [of the season], and yeah, we had our fair share of problems and misfortunes.

"But with a team like Red Bull, the size and infrastructure, I can only see it getting better. Any issues we do have we can get on top of them quicker than other teams.

"Looking ahead, with a few months of the year left, we should find a better place."

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