F1 drivers might be listened to after qualifying criticism - Massa

Felipe Massa says Formula 1 drivers may finally now be listened to after the new elimination-style qualifying format drew widespread disapproval after its debut at the Australian GP

Sebastian Vettel led the criticism from drivers, saying F1's bosses should not be surprised by the reaction because drivers had already said the format would not work.

The opening parts of Q1 and Q2 were reasonably entertaining but Q3 proved to be an anticlimax with Lewis Hamilton's pole position confirmed several minutes before the chequered flag.

The drivers met with FIA race director at Barcelona testing and urged the governing body not to alter the current format, but it was later approved for introduction from Australia.

Massa said: "Maybe they will try to listen to us a bit more.

"They never listen or they listen very little. I have years of F1 experience.

"They need to listen a bit more to the drivers, they need to try to be a bit more together for the change.

"We were not sure the things were going to change with the new qualifying, but they don't care for the drivers."

Massa suggested the drivers, rather than the teams, should have more say in the rules.

"When you go to the meetings, when the team principals are there, it's difficult to accept things together," he said.

"You see many team principals are just thinking about the results for their team - the drivers are looking less.

"Sure some drivers prefer things which will help your car but I think it is a little bit less.

"Having meetings with the team principals, Bernie Ecclestone and Jean Todt together, it is not easy.

"Maybe this is something we need to improve in F1, trying to change things for the better."

Massa said if the fans liked Q1 and Q2 then it is only Q3 which needs changing but he still believes last year's format did the job.

"If you tell me Q1 and Q2 was fantastic for the fans, they like the traffic, the cars together all the time, a little bit rushed time for everyone and they are happy, it's fine," he said.

"Q3 was terrible, really empty, no cars on the track. I'm not in favour.

"We had a good format last year, I never see people complaining massively about the format last year and I thought it was fine.

"Maybe we need to sit and put things on the table and start to think about a better format."

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