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Vettel says Alonso's Monza defence "borderline"

Vettel: Alonso Monza defence borderlineSebastian Vettel says Fernando Alonso's defence at the Italian Grand Prix was "borderline", but the German made it clear the Spaniard had given him just enough room to pass.

Vettel pulled a superb move over Alonso in the early stages of the Monza race, taking the lead after putting two wheels on the grass to pass the Ferrari ahead of the second chicane.

Although Vettel said Alonso gave him just enough room to pass, he conceded the move was right on the limit.

"I think he didn't expect me to go on the left, so I was trying to go on inside for the second chicane," explained Vettel. "Initially he didn't see me but as soon as he saw me he didn't back off but he pulled to the right and gave me enough room.

"It was borderline. I knew if I had to get past I had to do something. It was more critical the lap before, when he moved under braking and there wasn't much room.

"We talked about it after the race and it is fine. Generally if you race someone like Fernando, who has experience and you respect a lot, you can push the limits and go wheel to wheel without thinking about, because they know you are there and they will give you room, not a lot, but enough."

Vettel also suggested Michael Schumacher's defence from Lewis Hamilton was questionable at points, the German having been criticised by some for his driving during the race.

"I think it was fun to watch! That is one thing. Whether it was too hard or not... It is very easy for us to understand Lewis' frustrations if you are behind and knowing you can go quicker and you stuck because of ratios and the other car is quicker on the straights.

"I saw the race and one move was arguably too much, out of the first chicane where Lewis tried with the speed he had, it looked like Michael didn't see him, but I don't know."

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