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The GPDA has backed Pirelli's push to change tyre allocations over a GP weekend

Pirelli tyres, Valencia, 2011The Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA) has written to Pirelli saying it backs the tyre manufacturers' push to change compound allocations next year, in a bid to end unused rubber getting wasted.

As reported by AUTOSPORT earlier this week, Pirelli is prepared to ask the FIA to change the allocation regulations for 2012 because it thinks it is 'nonsense' that under the current rules drivers are being left with at least one set of unused tyres at the end of a race.

Because of the way that teams are favouring using the softer compound option at each weekend, Pirelli has discovered that one result of this is that a set of the harder rubber for each driver never gets used - and then has to be destroyed.

Efforts to get the teams to change the allocation, either through offering an extra set of soft rubber instead or by having qualifying tyres, has so far failed to gain unanimous support.

And after Pirelli's director of motorsport Paul Hembery said his company was prepared to go to the FIA to force through a change, the GPDA has now got involved.

Speaking to AUTOSPORT at the FOTA Fans' Forum in Italy on Wednesday, Hembery said the drivers had reacted after reading about Pirelli's concerns.

"The GPDA had read the story on AUTOSPORT, were informed about the situation, and wanted to know what was going on," he explained.

"They said they thought it was silly that we have all these unused tyres and they felt that if we were not going to use them, then we don't want to take them to races."

Hembery said he had welcomed the GPDA's involvement in the matter, and hoped that the drivers could now put pressure on the teams to change the situation.

"The drivers said they agreed with what had been suggested, and they said why don't we find a way to use them on Friday or in qualifying," he said.

"I had to reply that say that I agree totally, and have asked them to try and speak to their teams to see if they can help us.

"We feel it is a matter of, 'come on, let's have some common sense here.' Let's find a way of either assisting the qualifying process, although we've had some teams not want that, or give the teams more running on a Friday which would be of interest to the smaller teams.

"The drivers are suggesting exactly what we are, so we will have to have another go with the teams and see if we can find a solution that they are comfortable with.

"Clearly if we do nothing it is slightly absurd, if I am perfectly honest, to go ahead another year and just carry tyres around the world we know we are not going to use."

He added: "We are not trying to favour anyone or give any sporting advantage to anyone. We are just trying to point out we have an anomaly in this system and it would be better for everyone involved if we found a way of using everything better."

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