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Hamilton surprised by weaving row

Lewis Hamilton has said he does not understand why there was so much fuss over his defensive weaving against Vitaly Petrov at the Malaysian Grand Prix - but has promised not to drive in such a manner again.

The former world champion was on the receiving end of a barrage of criticism about the way he moved across the track several times at Sepang as he tried to break the tow for the following Renault driver.

And although he was given a black and white warning flag for unsportsmanlike behaviour at the time, FIA race director Charlie Whiting agreed with drivers that such action would be punished more sternly in the future.

Hamilton admitted he was surprised that the matter had become such a big issue with it dominating proceedings in Friday night's drivers' briefing at Shanghai but has said he will follow the latest clarification.

"My approach to racing is always the same," said Hamilton. "I think the ruling was fair at the [Malaysian] race, and the FIA and Charlie took I believe what was a fair decision, and gave us a warning for it not to happen again.

"I discussed with him [in China] and he made it clear that it is not what he wants to see, so we just don't do it again. It is a lesson learned and we move forward.

"Unfortunately the guys [the other drivers] I don't understand why everyone was fussing about it but it wasn't really a problem for me."

When asked if he felt the other drivers had over-reacted, he said: "Yeah they seemed to be talking about it for some time.

"It was with the ruling of how many times you can move with defending, but it is not clear what is defending and what is breaking the tow. Charlie has made it clear now and we won't be doing it."

Hamilton's team-mate Jenson Button said he hoped a line could now be drawn under the controversy.

"I don't think we want to talk about what went on in the meeting, that is between us," he said when asked for his view on the events. "It was a clarification of the situation and it has all cleared up, which is the important thing."

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