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Alonso fears the end of Formula 1

Fernando AlonsoTwo-time world champion Fernando Alonso fears the row between the FIA and FOTA is leading to the death of Formula 1.

"Yes, more or less, yes," said Alonso on Friday when asked if Formula 1 was dead.

"It keeps going but obviously with the same engine for everybody, small teams, nobody knows those teams, nobody knows the drivers... So it's like A1GP, GP2, so it's a very nice category but no one cares."

The Spaniard admitted he was sorry to hear the news that no agreement was reached between the FIA and the Formula One Teams' Association, but he believes FOTA's breakaway championship can be a strong one.

"It was sad news, for sure, because we all hoped for a solution in the last moment and it didn't happen. So now it's a new thing," he added.

"A new category will arrive and Formula 1 may disappear, so we need to go the best category which at the moment is the FOTA one, with the best teams in the world and the best drivers in the world. I think it can be a good one.

"Obviously it's my opinion, but I'm sure 99 percent of the drivers will agree with me."

He added: "Everybody is losing. The teams are losing, the FIA is not losing anything because they don't put the money. The drivers we are losing, but I think the worst thing is for Formula 1. But we'll see.

"The new category seems very attractive, for the fans as well, with maybe better prices for tickets, and things like that. We'll become a new category, a new Formula 1. I believe that things can be done better than in Formula 1, so the new category maybe can improve a couple of things."

Alonso, however, reckons there is still a chance that the row could be settled in the near future.

"It keeps going. The entry list from the FIA is not arriving tomorrow because there are no teams to put on the list, so maybe the will wait a couple of weeks and everything goes back to normal and we see the FOTA teams running in Formula 1 maybe," Alonso said.

"It's not over, but it's not the teams' problem now. They did the maximum so it's up to the FIA. I think they had two months to do it. Now maybe it's too late. We'll see."

The former champion made it clear again that he would follow his Renault team into a new championship.

"Absolutely, one hundred percent."

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