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Webber fears no reward for consistency

Mark WebberMark Webber fears consistency will not be rewarded this season as a result of the change to the scoring system.

The FIA, Formula 1's governing body, announced that the driver with the most victories would be champion this season, meaning someone with more points could still lose out.

Last year, BMW Sauber's Robert Kubica was in contention for the title until the final races of the year, despite winning just one grand prix all season.

Webber believes consistent drivers like Kubica are likely to lose out with the new system.

"Robert Kubica would have been nowhere near the championship last year, and do you want that? Robert drove awesome last year and he would have been nowhere near the title hunt with these regulations," Webber told the BBC.

"You could have the world champion making more mistakes than the guy who is second.

"Whether consistency makes a better driver, or the driver who wins more races is better than the guy who is more competitive at more races throughout the season, is a matter of opinion."

The Red Bull driver reckons the racing could become more aggressive as a result of the changes, although the Australian feels there has not been a lack of excitement in the past seasons.

"I can see why they're trying to do it like that so there could be some guys who might not sit in so much and to start going for wins, especially when it's down to two or three guys," Webber added.

"The last few years we've had bloody exciting races. It wouldn't have been something I would have thought of or done, but we'll see how it comes out.

"It's going to affect key parts of the races. Everyone's trying to win, that's clear, but the difference between a win and second now is huge, much bigger than in the past.

"There could be a fraction more aggression shown towards victories in the future because second places won't mean as much, and winning will mean a lot more."

Webber also said that it was wrong to use past championships to support new scoring systems.

"What I hate is the comparisons to what Stirling Moss or Lewis Hamilton or whoever might have done in the past - because that wasn't the rules you were racing with," he added.

"We know what the rules are for this year and people will race accordingly. The people who won the championships in the past deserved them and the same will be the case in the future."

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