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FIA clarifies chicane-cutting position

Formula One drivers have been told that they should wait at least one corner before resuming a fight for position in the event of future chicane-cutting incidents.

In the wake of the Lewis Hamilton controversy from Belgium, F1 drivers sought clarification on what was and was not allowed during their regular Friday evening briefing with F1 race director Charlie Whiting. understands the drivers were informed that in the event of a driver cutting a chicane and gaining a position, he not only had to give that place back but should also wait for another corner before he could attempt to retake it.

Waiting until after the following corner would ensure there were no questions of a driver having gained an advantage.

At Spa, Hamilton gave back the lead he gained from Raikkonen when he cut the final chicane, but then retook first position almost immediately under braking for La Source.

The race stewards deemed that Hamilton had gained an advantage in that move, so gave him with a 25-second penalty that stripped him of victory and moved him down to third. His McLaren team have appealed against that decision.

Red Bull Racing's Mark Webber welcomed the clarification on the situation, which should minimize the chances of repeat problems in Sunday's Italian Grand Prix.

"We are still trying to find a solution for the second chicane here, because we still think there is a way to roll through there," Webber told "But generally, it is pretty clear for people to probably not attack immediately again, which wasn't mega, mega clear in the past."

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