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Kubica feels 100 per cent ready to drive

Robert Kubica says he is feeling 100 per cent ready to return to Formula One action, less than a week after his dramatic accident in Canada.

The Pole escaped serious injury despite impacting with a wall at high speed after going off track at a restart during the Montreal race.

The BMW Sauber driver spent Sunday night in hospital and was discharged with some bruises and a sprained ankle.

"I feel like nothing happened, I want to be back in car," Kubica told a news conference ahead of the United States Grand Prix. "I am looking forward. Canada was very unlucky for me, problems on Friday, starting with fuel leak, and then from then not good.

"I was 100 per cent the first day. I am like brand new. I am really lucky and I am really positive for myself. It's very important for myself to come back as soon as possible, but I have to wait for the FIA to say I'm okay but I feel like nothing happened."

Kubica is yet to get the green light to race at Indianapolis this weekend, the Pole having to undergo checks from the FIA's doctors. The decision is expected later today.

"Probably they have to check myself," he added. "I have note from Montreal doctor, Dr Denis, who says everything is okay. They were surprised that nothing happened to me, but we have to wait and see.

"I feel 100 percent good but you always have to wait for decision. Hopefully I will be back in car and in a better position than in Canada."

Kubica was thankful to the FIA for their push to improve safety, and admits he probably would not have survived if the accident had taken place 10 years ago.

"We were racing with Jarno (Trulli) at the corner and I was going to the left, and then, as the corner was the left hander, I thought Jarno was going there, so I went right, and he thought I was left so went right," Kubica explained.

"We touched, the front wing went under the car and when I hit the grass, it lifted my car and when I hit the wall it stopped. There is nothing more.

"Reviewing it, I was much more shocked than than in reality. When I stopped I realised I was in good shape, I have been involved in one accident a few years ago in a road car and I knew straightaway something was bad, but this time when I stopped I checked myself, I felt a little bit of ankle pain but that was all.

"It showed the FIA push for safety, it shows a bit improvement so a big thank you to them. Probably 10 years ago I would not be here."

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