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Mosley warns GPDA over safety debate

FIA president Max Mosley has warned the Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA) against any further attempts to get involved in circuit safety.

With the GPDA having made it clear in recent weeks that they are concerned about Barcelona and Valencia, and having clashed with the FIA earlier this year over Monza, Mosley is adamant that the drivers should back off.

In his exclusive column in this month's issue of F1 Racing, Mosley claims that track safety is now so complicated that only the FIA's appointed technical experts are able to judge the situation correctly.

"Safety has become far too technical for anyone but the specialists," wrote Mosley. "For example, a GPDA director once told me that he would be safer on wide slicks because the cars stop quicker.

"I said that even I could prove on one sheet of paper that slicks were more dangerous - the greater the grip, the worse the accident. 'But would I understand your calculation?' he asked.

"Yet, today, things are even more complex. No driver would want to redesign the electronics on his car, so why try to overrule our safety experts."

Mosley has still expressed some irritation at the scenario that emerged after the Italian Grand Prix when the GPDA issued a statement criticising track safety, and the FIA responded by claiming that drivers should not be involved in regulatory matters.

"Feathers were ruffled," said Mosley. "One driver said they wouldn't be intimidated, another started talking about boycotting races. Not the most intelligent of responses, you may think, to a gentle warning.

"We obviously cannot have two bodies telling circuits what is required. That would result in total confusion. The fact that the GPDA release muddled calculated impact speed with maximum permissible impact speed reinforces this.

"We will always listen to drivers, but the decisions must be ours. And if we have to lose a race or two or a few licences to make a point, we will. It will be better for the sport in the long run."

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