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F1 drivers warned over safety after Raikkonen's British GP crash

Kimi Raikkonen wreckage, British GP 2014

Formula 1 drivers have been reminded to rejoin tracks safely in future, after Kimi Raikkonen was told he was lucky to escape a penalty for his British Grand Prix crash.

Raikkonen lost control of his Ferrari at Silverstone as he came back onto the circuit following an off-track excursion when he ran wide coming onto the Wellington Straight on the opening lap.

Although the FIA did not punish Raikkonen for the incident - because he had slowed down slightly and rejoined in a manner that other drivers would have been expected to do - it has emerged the matter was discussed in Germany last weekend.

AUTOSPORT has learned that Raikkonen's actions came up during the Hockenheim drivers' briefing, and F1 race director Charlie Whiting made it clear that the Finn was 'fortunate' to have not been reported to the stewards.

Whiting emphasised that the rules state that drivers have to rejoin in a safe manner, and what Raikkonen did was on the verge of not being acceptable.

Speaking to AUTOSPORT about the situation, and whether the FIA would get stricter on the matter, Whiting said: "There is no policy change, the standard policy is written in the rules, any driver having left the track may rejoin but must do so safely and without gaining any advantage.

"It was my view that Kimi did not rejoin very safely and should have taken more care.

"All the drivers were reminded that when rejoining across grass they must take care and cannot expect it to be manicured like a football pitch. It simply isn't feasible."

Raikkonen's crash at Silverstone was caused when he lost control on a bump in a grass area of run-off as he rejoined the circuit.

He speared off into the barriers before spinning back onto the track and colliding with Felipe Massa's Williams.

Raikkonen's impact with the barrier caused a red flag and delayed the restart for one hour while barrier repairs were made.

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