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Red Bull pledges to accept F1 fuel sensors' data after appeal loss

Christian Horner

Red Bull boss Christian Horner says his outfit has no choice but to take Formula 1's fuel sensor readings as gospel from now on - even if it thinks they are wrong.

With the FIA having rejected Red Bull's appeal against Daniel Ricciardo's disqualification from the Australian Grand Prix, Horner is still awaiting a detailed explanation of the court's findings.

And while he is no more convinced of the accuracy of the fuel sensors that have proved troublesome for his team this year, Horner admits Red Bull must now accept it has to go with what the readings say.

ANALYSIS: What the verdict means for F1

When asked by AUTOSPORT about how satisfied he is with the situation after the appeal verdict, he said: "I think all that it has resolved is that the fuel flow sensor is de facto.

"Even if it is 25 per cent out, it is the point of reference. I think that is the conclusion that we have to conclude from the hearing."

Horner did welcome the fact that the appeal hearing had given Red Bull the opportunity to show it did not deliberately cheat in Australia.

"We went through it in a huge amount of detail, and we presented our case in a very fair and concise manner," he said.

"I think the one thing that was clear was that all concerned in the jury could see that there was no intent to break any regulations.

"It was purely a question of what do you believe.

Inside the FIA Red Bull hearing

"I think that we accept the position of the hearing. What will be interesting to see is the detailed reasoning of the verdict, which we should see by the end of this week, just to understand how they have reached that verdict.

"It cannot be disputed that there has been quite a few issues with these sensors.

"Hopefully with more experience and time they will become more and more reliable, but we didn't have those issues in Bahrain and hopefully that will continue to be the case."

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