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Formula 1 teams to discuss minimum pitstop time

Formula 1 teams are to discuss the idea of introducing a minimum pitstop time in an attempt to further improve safety.

As part of an ongoing tightening of pitlane controls after a FOM cameraman was hit by a loose wheel from Mark Webber's car in Germany, talks about further restrictions are to be held ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The FIA has added to the agenda of its regular team managers' meeting, which takes place on Thursday afternoon, a number of proposals to be discussed.

This includes the introduction of a minimum pitstop time, limits on the number of personnel allowed in the pitlane during free practice sessions and a clarification of whether engineers needs to wear helmets during pitstops if they are only inspecting a car.

The idea of a minimum pitstop time would be to eradicate the need for teams to rush pitstops, which is a contributing factor in mistakes being made during tyre changes.

However, a minimum stop time would take away another competitive element from F1 and therefore is unlikely to receive much support from teams. There is also no guarantee that a minimum time will get rid of all errors and problems.

Talks are also ongoing at the Hungarian Grand Prix to clarify which media personnel will be allowed in the pits during practice sessions.

FOM had initially ruled that all cameramen and associated staff would be banned from all sessions, but this restriction could now be eased slightly.

A decision on the matter, and whether FIA-accredited media access will be restricted, is expected before the first practice session on Friday morning.

Discussions are also scheduled regarding future grid access as well.

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