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Kevin Korjus fastest on first day of GP3 testing at the Hungaroring

Kevin KorjusKevin Korjus topped the timesheets for Koiranen GP on the opening day of GP3 Series testing at the Hungaroring.

Korjus managed a 1m32.530s in the morning session - a new GP3 record in Hungary - to head former McLaren AUTOSPORT BRDC Award winner Lewis Williamson and Bamboo team-mate Melville McKee.

Rain hit before the start of the afternoon session, with multiple drivers being caught out by the conditions. Status GP's Adderly Fong was the first victim as he slid into the gravel at Turn 10 just after the start of the session.

Dino Zamparelli followed shortly after, hitting the barrier at Turn 3 and bringing out the red flag.

After a short break the track began to dry and times tumbled. Four drivers led the session before Williamson managed a 1m33.710s just before the heavens opened for a second time.

Jenzer's Patric Niederhauser went off at Turn 11 just as the rain began to fall harder, after which the drivers remained in the pits for the last few minutes of the session.

The two-day test resumes on Thursday, with teams then heading to Valencia for the second round of the championship on June 15-16.

Morning times
Pos Driver                    Team           Time      Laps
 1. Kevin Korjus              Koiranen       1m32.530s  14
 2. Lewis Williamson          Bamboo         1m32.781s  19
 3. Melville McKee            Bamboo         1m33.021s  20
 4. Facu Regalia              ART            1m33.027s  11
 5. Alex Fontana              Jenzer         1m33.045s  20
 6. Daniil Kvyat              MW Arden       1m33.332s  28
 7. Aaro Vainio               Koiranen       1m33.536s  16
 8. David Fumanelli           Trident        1m33.547s  22
 9. Patric Niederhauser       Jenzer         1m33.579s  27
10. Tio Ellinas               Manor          1m33.746s  19
11. Patrick Kujala            Koiranen       1m33.758s  13
12. Nick Yelloly              Carlin         1m33.766s  29
13. Conor Daly                ART            1m33.773s  11
14. Carlos Sainz              MW Arden       1m33.965s  26
15. Robert Visoiu             MW Arden       1m34.201s  27
16. Giovanni Venturini        Trident        1m34.278s  22
17. Jack Harvey               ART            1m34.416s  12
18. Dino Zamparelli           Manor          1m34.519s  28
19. Josh Webster              Status         1m34.915s  32
20. Emanuele Zonzini          Trident        1m35.574s  19
21. Adderly Fong              Status         1m36.236s  23
22. Samin Gomez               Jenzer         1m36.364s  22
23. Eric Lichtenstein         Carlin         1m36.530s  24
24. Luis Sa Silva             Carlin         1m36.568s  28
25. Jimmy Eriksson            Status         1m37.057s  24
26. Ryan Cullen               Manor          1m38.037s  27
27. Carmen Jorda              Bamboo         no time    22

Afternoon times
Pos Driver                    Team           Time      Laps
 1. Lewis Williamson          Bamboo         1m33.710s  24
 2. Daniil Kvyat              MW Arden       1m33.801s   9
 3. Nick Yelloly              Carlin         1m33.942s  20
 4. Carlos Sainz              MW Arden       1m34.299s  12
 5. Aaro Vainio               Koiranen       1m34.624s  17
 6. Tio Ellinas               Manor          1m34.803s  21
 7. Jimmy Eriksson            Status         1m35.007s  19
 8. Adderly Fong              Status         1m35.017s   5
 9. Robert Visoiu             MW Arden       1m35.077s  12
10. Josh Webster              Status         1m35.353s  14
11. Eric Lichtenstein         Carlin         1m35.459s  29
12. Giovanni Venturini        Trident        1m35.500s  19
13. Luis Sa Silva             Carlin         1m35.991s  14
14. Melville McKee            Bamboo         1m36.180s  15
15. Samin Gomez               Jenzer         1m36.705s  18
16. Kevin Korjus              Koiranen       1m36.888s  15
17. Conor Daly                ART            1m37.813s  18
18. Patric Kujala             Koiranen       1m37.824s  21
19. David Fumanelli           Trident        1m37.837s  11
20. Emanuele Zonzini          Trident        1m38.684s  14
21. Carmen Jorda              Bamboo         1m39.182s  18
22. Patric Niederhauser       Jenzer         1m39.426s   8
23. Facu Regalia              ART            1m51.354s  14
24. Alex Fontana              Jenzer         1m53.582s  13
25. Ryan Cullen               Manor          1m54.485s   8
26. Dino Zamparelli           Manor          no time
27. Jack Harvey               ART            no time

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