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Allan McNish quickest in hybrid Audi on Le Mans test day

Audi Set the pace during second practice. Allan McNish topped the times for Audi at the Le Mans test day.

The Scot, driving the hybrid Audi R18 e-tron quattro, set a best time of 3m25.927s in the afternoon session of the eight-hour test. That was half a second quicker than Andre Lotterer in the second Audi hybrid, which recorded a 3m26.468s.

McNish, who again co-drives with Tom Kristensen and Rinaldo Capello, said: "The car was very good. We had some ideas after Spa [the hybrid's race debut] and Dindo and Tom took them further, and then I continued to improve the car."

McNish's Audi finished the session early after a crash at Tertre Rouge, which he stressed was his fault. He could have driven back to the pits, but with only one hour to go, the team decided not to risk damaging the car further.

Loic Duval was third fastest in the fastest of non-hybrid Audi turbodiesels. His R18 ultra was only a tenth slower than Lotterer on a 3m26.561s.

Alex Wurz set the best Toyota time of the test during the afternoon. He was only seven tenths behind the third-place Audi.

The fastest time set by a privateer LMP1 car was Danny Watts' morning best in the Strakka Racing HPD ARX-03a. His 3m34.243s was more than second faster than Andrea Belicchi's time in the fastest of the Rebellion Racing Lola-Toyota B12/60s.

Olivier Pla was fastest in LMP2 in both sessions aboard the OAK Racing Morgan-Nissan 2012 LMP2. The Frenchman tested this car, as well as the Judd/BMW-powered version that he will drive in the race, in the absence of Bas Leinders and Maxime Martin.

Luxury Racing Ferrari driver Frederic Makowiecki's time of 3m58.869s from the morning session stood as the best time in GTE Pro. Oliver Gavin was only just over a tenth behind in the afternoon aboard the best of the Corvette C6.Rs.

Allan Simonsen was fastest in GTE Am aboard the factory-entered Aston Martin Vantage GTE.

Pos  Cl     Drivers                             Team/Car                     Time
 1.  P1     Capello/Kristensen/McNish           Audi e-tron                  3m25.927s
 2.  P1     Fassler/Lotterer/Treluyer           Audi e-tron                  3m26.468s
 3.  P1     Dumas/Duval/Gene                    Audi Ultra                   3m26.561s
 4.  P1     Wurz/Lapierre/Nakajima/Buemi        Toyota                       3m27.204s
 5.  P1     Davidson/Buemi/Sarrazin/Nakajima    Toyota                       3m28.298s
 6.  P1     Bonanomi/Jarvis/Gene                Audi Ultra                   3m28.765s
 7.  P1     Leventis/Watts/Kane                 Strakka HPD                  3m34.243s
 8.  P1     Belicchi/Primat/Bleekemolen         Rebellion Lola-Toyota        3m35.357s
 9.  P1     Prost/Jani/Heidfeld                 Rebellion Lola-Toyota        3m36.876s
10.  P1     Ara/Minassian                       Pescarolo Dome-Judd          3m37.149s
11.  P1     Brabham/Chandhok/Dumbreck           JRM HPD                      3m37.358s
12.  P1     Collard/Boullion/Hall               Pescarolo-Judd               3m40.385s
13.  P2     Heinemeier Hansson/Nicolet/Pla      OAK Morgan-Nissan            3m41.291s
14.  P2     Tucker/Bouchut/Diaz                 Level 5 HPD                  3m41.598s
15.  P2     Dolan/Hancock/Kurosawa              Jota Zytek-Nissan            3m41.738s
16.  P1     Moreau/Baguette/Kraihamer           OAK Pescarolo-Judd           3m41.790s
17.  P2     Nicolet/Lahaye/Pla                  OAK Morgan-Judd              3m42.036s
18.  P2     Marroc/Loeb/Vernay                  Loeb ORECA-Nissan            3m42.248s
19.  P2     Perez-Companc/Ayari/Kaffer          Pecom ORECA-Nissan           3m42.443s
20.  P2     Martin/Charouz/Graves               ADR ORECA-Nissan             3m42.731s
21.  P2     Ordonez/Brundle/Brundle             Greaves Zytek-Nissan         3m43.083s
22.  P2     Mailleux/Lombard/Tresson            Signatech ORECA-Nissan       3m43.298s
23.  P2     Firth/Hughes/Hartley                Murphy ORECA-Nissan          3m43.321s
24.  P2     Panciatici/Ragues/Rusinov           Signatech ORECA-Nissan       3m43.348s
25.  P2     Potolicchio/Dalziel/Kimber-Smith    Starworks HPD                3m43.672s
26.  P2     Sims/Buurman/Iannetta               Status Lola-Judd             3m44.110s
27.  P2     Beche/Thiriet/Tinseau               TDS ORECA-Nissan             3m44.404s
28.  P2     Zugel/Gonzalez/Julian               Greaves Zytek-Nissan         3m44.625s
29.  P2     Briere/Petersen/Nakano              Boutsen ORECA-Nissan         3m45.401s
30.  P2     Tucker/Bouchut/Diaz                 Level 5 HPD                  3m46.326s
31.  P2     Frey/Hirschi/Meichtry               Race Performance ORECA-Judd  3m47.600s
32.  CDNT   Franchitti/Krumm/Motoyama           Highcroft Delta Wing Nissan  3m47.980s
33.  P2     Giroix/Johansson/Badey              Gulf Lola-Nissan             3m48.063s
34.  P2     Holzer/Schultis/Moro/van der Zande  Kodewa Lola-Lotus            3m54.087s
35.  P2     Deletraz/Ihara/Quick                Gulf Lola-Nissan             3m55.132s
36.  PC     Richard/Ende/Palette                ORECA FLM                    3m56.496s
37.  P2     Ahrabian/Rossiter/Weeda             Kodewa Lola-Lotus            3m58.526s
38.  P2     Haezebrouck/Thirion/Papin           Extreme Limite Norma-Judd    3m58.712s
39.  PC     Barthez/Bazaud/Caillon              ORECA FLM                    3m58.734s
40.  GTE P  Makowiecki                          Luxury Ferrari               3m58.869s
41.  GTE P  Gavin/Milner                        Corvette                     3m58.971s
42.  GTE P  Fisichella/Bruni/Vilander           AF Corse Ferrari             3m59.392s
43.  GTE A  Simonsen/Nygaard/Poulsen            Aston Martin                 3m59.938s
44.  GTE P  Taylor/Garcia/Magnussen             Corvette                     4m00.062s
45.  GTE P  Fernandez/Mucke/Turner              Aston Martin                 4m00.128s
46.  GTE P  Pilet/Curtis/Edwards/Estre          IMSA Porsche                 4m00.163s
47.  GTE P  Bergmeister/Long/Holzer             Flying Lizard Porsche        4m00.287s
48.  GTE P  Lieb/Lietz                          Felbermayr-Proton Porsche    4m00.356s
49.  GTE P  Bertolini/Beretta/Cioci             AF Corse Ferrari             4m00.690s
50.  GTE A  Bornhauser/Canal/Lamy/Belloc        Larbre Corvette              4m01.160s
51.  GTE A  Neiman/Long/Holzer                  Flying Lizard Porsche        4m01.284s
52.  GTE P  Walker/Cocker/Wills                 JMW Ferrari                  4m01.459s
53.  GTE A  Armindo/Narac/Pons                  IMSA Porsche                 4m02.548s
54.  GTE A  Ried/Roda/Ruberti                   Felbermayr-Proton Porsche    4m02.977s
55.  GTE A  Belloc/Bourret/Gibon/Lamy           Larbre Corvette              4m04.016s
56.  GTE A  Rodrigues/Ferte/Illiano             JMB Ferrari                  4m04.779s
57.  GTE A  Ehret/Montecalvo/Jeannette          Luxury Ferrari               4m05.018s
58.  GTE A  Kauffman/Aguas/Vickers              AF-Waltrip Ferrari           4m05.553s
59.  GTE A  Perazzini/Cadei/Griffin             AF Corse Ferrari             4m07.075s
60.  GTE A  Krohn/Rugolo                        Krohn Ferrari                4m08.295s
61.  GTE A  Camathias/Daniels                   JWA Porsche                  4m09.532s
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