Jorg Muller Doubles Up in France

Jorg Muller made it two from two in the second race at Magny Cours, slicing through the field from eighth on the grid to claim another win at the French round of the WTCC series

Jorg Muller Doubles Up in France

Augusto Farfus stormed away from pole position after dropping back in the first race to claim the top spot, leading a queue of Dirk Muller, Antonio Garcia, Gabriele Tarquini and a fast starting Jorg Muller.

Dirk Muller was running all over Farfus but couldn't find a way through, while behind the pair BMW's Jorg Muller and Andy Priaulx, along with Alfa Romeo's James Thompson, ran like a train past Tarquini.

Farfus was desperate to hold onto the lead, but the Mullers clearly had something to say about that, pushing immediately behind him for two laps before finally running inside the Alfa driver at the Adelaide hairpin - the trio were side by side into the corner, but Farfus ran too deep and fell back to fifth.

The battle of the Mullers was resolved at the same spot a lap later, with Jorg 45 kilos lighter and easily able to dispose of his teammate, while behind them Farfus was fighting back and got inside and through Tarquini.

Further back in the field Alessandro Zanardi and Valle Makela came together, with the SEAT driver sliding luridly across the track with a broken left front wheel coming out of the hairpin; their pursuers doing a good job just to avoid him.

Priaulx continued his good form for the day by disposing of Tarquini and Farfus in successive laps, looking very fast as he went; Thompson was unable to run at the pace of his countryman and fell backwards through the pack.

With two laps to go Priaulx had caught up to Dirk Muller, tried a move on the outside at hairpin which clearly wasn't going to work; the pair ran together but, without a way past and with one eye on the championship table, Priaulx decided discretion was in order and settled for third.

Gene had dropped back from second on the grid to sixth; on the last lap his car was smoking heavily from the front left tyre, but this was forgotten when Dirk Muller crossed the finish line sideways before luridly sliding backwards into an innocent Farfus.

But the race, like the weekend, belonged to his namesake Jorg: "It was just a perfect race - I was lucky with overtaking, so I'm very happy. The only bad thing is I now get extra weight, but I don't mind if I have to carry sixty kilos all season!"

If Jorg wants to know about running with success ballast he could do worse than to ask Dirk Muller, who noted: "I had a tough weekend with 45 kilos [ballast], and I had to change completely my driving style and the set up.

"I had problems on the last couple of the laps and had a big vibration, but on the last corner I went over to wave to my team and I think something broke in the back of the car, so I'm really scared actually."

Andy Priaulx, who managed to avoid all of the drama to finish on the podium in both races, was sanguine about his weekend: "It was pretty tough because you don't want to take another BMW off, and his [Dirk Muller's] lines were so good that the only way that could have happened was to go off, which I'm not prepared to do!

"But I'm fighting for the world championship, and we're not far away, so we've just got to keep pushing."

WTCC Race Two at Magny Cours (12 Laps):

Pos Driver               Make               Time        Gap
 1. Jorg Muller          BMW 320i           22:23.707
 2. Dirk Muller          BMW 320i           22:28.710  + 5.003
 3. Andy Priaulx         BMW 320i           22:28.878  + 5.171
 4. Antonio Garcia       BMW 320i           22:29.187  + 5.480
 5. Augusto Farfus Jr    Alfa Romeo 156     22:29.741  + 6.034
 6. Jordi Gene           SEAT Toledo Cupra  22:32.586  + 8.879
 7. Fabrizio Giovanardi  Alfa Romeo 156     22:34.245  +10.538
 8. Gabriele Tarquini    Alfa Romeo 156     22:34.535  +10.828
 9. James Thompson       Alfa Romeo 156     22:40.842  +17.135
10. Peter Terting        SEAT Toledo Cupra  22:42.764  +19.057
11. Rickard Rydell       SEAT Toledo Cupra  22:44.963  +21.256
12. Roberto Colciago     Honda Accord Euro  22:46.234  +22.527
13. Nicola Larini        Chevrolet Lacetti  22:47.501  +23.794
14. Tom Coronel          Seat Toledo Cupra  22:48.834  +25.127
15. Carl Rosenblad       BMW 320i           22:50.559  +26.852
16. Robert Huff          Chevrolet Lacetti  22:51.099  +27.392
17. Marc Hennerici       BMW 320i           22:52.550  +28.843
18. Giuseppe Ciro        BMW 320i           22:52.869  +29.162
19. Salvatore Tavano     Alfa Romeo 156     22:55.425  +31.718
20. Gianluca De Lorenzi  BMW 320i           22:56.021  +32.314
21. Adriano De Micheli   Honda Accord Euro  22:56.609  +32.902
22. Thomas Jager         Ford Focus         23:02.088  +38.381
23. Thomas Klenke        Ford Focus         23:02.934  +39.227
24. Stefano Valli        BMW 320i           23:15.966  +52.259
25. Alessandro Zanardi   BMW 320i           23:17.569  +53.862
26. Sascha Ploderl       Ford Focus ST170   20:40.628  +2 Laps
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