Ben Anderson is Autosport's Grand Prix Editor and one of our track testers. He holds an undergraduate degree in journalism studies from the University of Sheffield and joined the title in March of 2008, after eight months working in local newspaper journalism for award-winning weekly the Surrey Mirror. He has raced karts and cars since the age of 11, and occasionally continues to do so around his reporting commitments for Autosport.

Features by Ben Anderson
Why the F1 order is mixed up in Monaco Ferrari led the way, but Mercedes was at the foot of the top 10 and Red Bull and Toro Rosso jumped i... 1495670400 F1
How Hamilton won a race he seemed to have lost For much of the Spanish Grand Prix it looked like Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari had the race won, but... 1494806400 F1
Spanish Grand Prix driver ratings Lots of strong performers but only one - well down the order - strong enough for perfect marks, as s... 1494806400 F1
Who is winning F1's development war in Spain? All eyes were on major upgrade packages in the F1 pitlane at Barcelona on Friday, but which teams ha... 1494547200 F1
Would F1 be better off without its big three? Formula 1's top three teams are a class apart this year. Would the racing be better if the ultra-clo... 1493942400 F1
How Bottas proved he is no number two Two weeks after Valtteri Bottas's Bahrain race day slump raised the spectre of team orders, he won a... 1493596800 F1
Russian Grand Prix driver ratings Though the Russian Grand Prix wasn't a thriller, there were plenty of very impressive individual dri... 1493596800 F1
The fresh trouble hiding Mercedes' true pace Ferrari set the Friday practice pace at Sochi but claimed Mercedes was sandbagging. But the evidence... 1493337600 F1
Why McLaren's Alonso 'tricks' could backfire At the end of 2017 Fernando Alonso could leave the failing McLaren-Honda partnership. McLaren's doin... 1492732800 F1
Eight reasons Mercedes lost the Bahrain GP Mercedes' pace advantage in Bahrain looked clearer than at any other time in 2017 so far, yet it los... 1492387200 F1
Bahrain Grand Prix driver ratings Nobody earned a perfect score in Bahrain this weekend, but plenty of drivers were worthy of praise, ... 1492387200 F1
Can Red Bull really mix it at the front? After trailing Mercedes and Ferrari substantially in Australia and China, Red Bull was right on the ... 1492128000 F1
How Ferrari's other drivers cost Vettel victory shot Sebastian Vettel didn't manage to follow up Australia with a second victory for Ferrari in China, bu... 1491782400 F1
Chinese Grand Prix driver ratings Mixed conditions brought out the best in some of Formula 1's top names in China, with a quarter of t... 1491782400 F1
Under the skin of Honda’s latest F1 saga This season was supposed to be the year that Honda finally came good, but its engine's deficiencies ... 1490918400 F1
Did Ferrari win it or Mercedes throw it away? After Ferrari's strong pre-season testing form, Mercedes looked like it had regained the advantage i... 1490572800 F1
Australian Grand Prix driver ratings The race winner is one of three drivers who earn top marks in our assessment of the Australian Grand... 1490572800 F1
Why Ferrari's testing pace is looking like a false idol Little more than a day into the Formula 1 season, expectations that Ferrari might take the fight to ... 1490313600 F1
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