Ben Anderson is Autosport's Grand Prix Editor and one of our track testers. He holds an undergraduate degree in journalism studies from the University of Sheffield and joined the title in March of 2008, after eight months working in local newspaper journalism for award-winning weekly the Surrey Mirror. He has raced karts and cars since the age of 11, and occasionally continues to do so around his reporting commitments for Autosport.

Features by Ben Anderson
The F1 team-mates verging on civil war After three Formula 1 seasons shaped by intra-team hostility at a dominant outfit, it's teams elsewh... 1500595200 F1
Who holds the key to F1's 2018 driver market? Hamilton and the two Red Bull drivers have contracts for 2018 - but what's happening with the second... 1499904000 F1
Austrian Grand Prix driver ratings Calm defending under intense pressure was seemingly the way to a perfect score in this week's driver... 1499644800 F1
How Hamilton’s title charge has suddenly unravelled A grand prix and a half after it looked like he might take the championship lead, Lewis Hamilton is ... 1499644800 F1
The winners and losers of F1's silent war After unusual circuits in Monaco, Montreal and Baku, the Red Bull Ring provides the best chance in t... 1499385600 F1
Why Hamilton's next move should be to Ferrari Lewis Hamilton is under lock and key at Mercedes until the end of 2018. But where next? A move to Fe... 1499299200 F1
The rising F1 star that even has Hamilton impressed When a three-time Formula 1 world champion picks a driver ahead of Max Verstappen as grand prix raci... 1498780800 F1
How F1's title fight exploded amid Baku chaos Neither Lewis Hamilton nor Sebastian Vettel finished on the Azerbaijan Grand Prix podium, but it was... 1498435200 F1
Azerbaijan Grand Prix driver ratings No driver registered full marks in Baku, with surpise high scorers tempered by punishments for "petu... 1498435200 F1
Did Baku chaos flatter Red Bull in practice? A team that's underperformed all year fastest, yellow flags everywhere, a title contender only 10th ... 1498176000 F1
How can Lowe make Williams great again? Paddy Lowe has swapped Formula 1 championship success with Mercedes for underdog life at Williams. D... 1497571200 F1
How Vettel and Ferrari parried Hamilton's 'great blow' Lewis Hamilton was free to dominate the Canadian Grand Prix while Sebastian Vettel had an afternoon ... 1497225600 F1
Canadian Grand Prix driver ratings Two drivers earned full marks for their Canadian Grand Prix performances, even though one of them ha... 1497225600 F1
Has Mercedes woken from its nightmare? Mercedes has looked lost at times so far in the 2017 F1 season, and with some of the key factors beh... 1497052800 F1
Formula 1's real 'best team' We are constantly reminded that money talks loudly in Formula 1. But one team on the grid seems to m... 1496880000 F1
Why McLaren's new star has looked second rate Stoffel Vandoorne came into Formula 1 with a huge reputation from junior racing, but has been one of... 1496620800 F1
Was Raikkonen sacrificed for Vettel? Sebastian Vettel benefited from an 'unfavourable' strategy to leapfrog Ferrari team-mate and win the... 1496016000 F1
Monaco Grand Prix driver ratings The streets of Monte Carlo are a tough test, as proven by no perfect scores - although there were a ... 1496016000 F1
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