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Evans sets the pace on first day of GP3 testing at Barcelona

Mitch Evans Mitch Evans set the pace on the first day of GP3's pre-season test at Barcelona.

The MW Arden driver got down to a 1m38.609s in the morning session, which was enough for him to end the day more than one tenth clear of the rest of the field.

Manor's Tio Ellinas came closest to toppling Evans, the Cypriot also setting his fastest time in the morning running.

Lotus GP's Daniel Abt ended the day third fastest, just 0.066s down the road from Ellinas. Abt then set the pace in the slower afternoon session, during which he was the only driver to dip below the 1m29s mark.

David Fumanelli and Mattias Laine completed a strong test for Arden, runners-up in the 2011 teams' championship, by finishing fourth and seventh fastest respectively in the morning. Laine then improved his time in the afternoon, in which he ended second fastest behind Abt.

Carlos Sainz Jr.(Lotus GP) was another who improved in the final minutes of the day, the Spaniard getting down to a 1m39.087s.

Trident Racing's Kevin Ceccon also improved in the afternoon, the Italian ending the day eighth fastest overall.

Morning times:
Pos  Driver               Team                 Time             Gap
 1.  Daniel Abt	          Lotus GP	       1m38.876s   
 2.  Matias Laine	  MW Arden	       1m39.014s	 + 0.138s
 3.  Tio Ellinas	  Marussia Manor       1m39.079s	 + 0.203s
 4.  Carlos Sainz Jr.	  Lotus GP	       1m39.087s	 + 0.211s
 5.  Kevin Ceccon	  Trident Racing       1m39.102s	 + 0.226s
 6.  Tom Blomqvist	  Status Grand Prix    1m39.139s	 + 0.263s
 7.  David Fumanelli	  MW Arden	       1m39.214s	 + 0.338s
 8.  P.Niederhauser	  Jenzer Motorsport    1m39.298s	 + 0.422s
 9.  Conor Daly	          Lotus GP	       1m39.320s	 + 0.444s
10.  A.F.da Costa	  Carlin	       1m39.330s	 + 0.454s
11.  Tamas Pal Kiss	  Atech CRS GP	       1m39.398s	 + 0.522s
12.  M.Stockinger	  Status Grand Prix    1m39.582s	 + 0.706s
13.  Antonio Spavone	  Trident Racing       1m39.747s	 + 0.871s
14.  Robert Visoiu	  Jenzer Motorsport    1m39.792s	 + 0.916s
15.  Mitchell Evans	  MW Arden	       1m39.849s	 + 0.973s
16.  Alex Brundle	  Carlin	       1m39.898s	 + 1.022s
17.  Fabiano Machado	  Marussia Manor       1m40.107s	 + 1.231s
18.  Maxim Zimin	  Jenzer Motorsport    1m40.224s	 + 1.348s
19.  Vittoria Piria	  Trident Racing       1m40.516s	 + 1.640s
20.  Kotaro Sakurai	  Status Grand Prix    1m40.541s	 + 1.665s
21.  D.Suranovich	  Marussia Manor       1m40.731s	 + 1.855s
22.  Robert Cregan	  Ocean Racing 	       1m40.951s	 + 2.075s
23.  Ethan Ringel	  Atech CRS GP	       1m41.059s	 + 2.183s
24.  William Buller	  Carlin	       1m41.154s	 + 2.278s
25.  John Wartique	  Atech CRS GP	       1m42.781s	 + 3.905s
26.  Carmen Jorda	  Ocean Racing 	       1m44.009s	 + 5.133s

Afternoon times:
Pos  Driver               Team                 Time             Gap
 1.  Mitchell Evans       MW Arden	       1m38.609s
 2.  Tio Ellinas          Marussia Manor       1m38.733s	 + 0.124s
 3.  Daniel Abt	          Lotus GP	       1m38.799s	 + 0.190s
 4.  David Fumanelli      MW Arden	       1m38.944s	 + 0.335s
 5.  Tamas Pal Kiss	  Atech CRS GP	       1m39.075s	 + 0.466s
 6.  A.F.da Costa	  Carlin	       1m39.105s	 + 0.496s
 7.  Matias Laine	  MW Arden	       1m39.199s	 + 0.590s
 8.  Kevin Ceccon	  Trident Racing       1m39.211s	 + 0.602s
 9.  P.Niederhauser	  Jenzer Motorsport    1m39.231s	 + 0.622s
10.  Maxim Zimin	  Jenzer Motorsport    1m39.271s	 + 0.662s
11.  M.Stockinger	  Status Grand Prix    1m39.340s	 + 0.731s
12.  Carlos Sainz Jr.	  Lotus GP             1m39.470s	 + 0.861s
13.  Conor Daly	          Lotus GP             1m39.615s	 + 1.006s
14.  Robert Visoiu	  Jenzer Motorsport    1m39.649s	 + 1.040s
15.  Tom Blomqvist	  Status Grand Prix    1m39.826s	 + 1.217s
16.  Alex Brundle	  Carlin               1m40.083s	 + 1.474s
17.  Antonio Spavone	  Trident Racing       1m40.109s	 + 1.500s
18.  William Buller	  Carlin               1m40.589s	 + 1.980s
19.  D.Suranovich	  Marussia Manor       1m40.760s	 + 2.151s
20.  Ethan Ringel	  Atech CRS GP         1m41.013s	 + 2.404s
21.  Fabiano Machado	  Marussia Manor       1m41.027s	 + 2.418s
22.  Kotaro Sakurai	  Status Grand Prix    1m41.137s	 + 2.528s
23.  Vittoria Piria	  Trident Racing       1m41.434s	 + 2.825s
24.  Robert Cregan	  Ocean Racing         1m42.162s	 + 3.553s
25.  John Wartique	  Atech CRS GP	       1m43.695s	 + 5.086s
26.  Carmen Jorda	  Ocean Racing         1m44.012s         + 5.403s
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