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Stirling Moss describes Sebastian Vettel as a modern Juan Manuel Fangio

Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Racing 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace InterlagosFormula 1 legend Stirling Moss believes current world champion Sebastian Vettel is the modern equivalent of Juan Manuel Fangio.

Moss, who was one of five-time champion Fangio's biggest rivals in the 1950s and his team-mate at Mercedes in 1955, said Vettel's current superiority over the F1 field was comparable to Fangio's.

"Vettel is a modern Fangio, really, in Formula 1. I can't see, other than his natural ability, how he is that good, how he can be that good," Moss was quoted as saying by Reuters.

"I think Vettel is quite outstanding, but then he has got the best car, which is fair enough because normally the best driver gets the best car.

"Fangio went around and took what he wanted and one took whatever was left."

Asked how he felt Britain's current leading duo Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton compared, Moss said he did not believe the McLaren pair were on Vettel's level.

"Vettel is outstanding. They are up there, but not as far as he is," he said.

"Lewis does funny things, so one can't be sure. I would put my money on Jenson. Yes I would. Lewis is terrific, he really is exceptionally quick, but Jenson thinks about certain things better than Lewis will. Like when it's raining and whether or not to go in for a change of tyres.

"For all those sorts of things he has a better understanding of it, and experience is a lot of it."

The 82-year-old added that he admired Vettel's personality and approach to the champion's role as well as his driving talent.

"Where we're lucky is that Vettel has a great sense of humour," Moss said. "He is a damn good world champion. I can think of a lot of other people who get to that position and they don't give back as much as they get out, but he really does."

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