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Daniel Abt returns to top in GP3 testing at Jerez

Daniel Abt, ART, Jerez GP3 testingDaniel Abt was quickest again as GP3 testing concluded for 2011 at Jerez.

Driving for champion team ART, Abt had led both days of running at Valencia last week before returning to the top of the times today.

The former Formula 3 Euro Series driver set his benchmark time in the significantly quicker morning session, lapping in 1m33.885s to beat Manor's Matias Laine by 0.055 seconds.

F3 convert David Fumanelli was third for MA Arden, followed by GP3 regulars Marlon Stockinger (Status) and Maxim Zimin (MW Arden), and Thursday pacesetter Tion Ellinas (Manor).

The afternoon session was interrupted by a number of red flags, and saw Laine on top by 0.370s from 2011 Formula Abarth driver Robert Visoiu in one of the Jenzer cars, and Nigel Melker, driving for GP3 newcomer Trident.

This week's Jerez event was the last GP3 activity until testing resumes next February.

Morning times:

Pos  Driver               Team       Time       Gap
 1.  Daniel Abt           ART        1m33.885s
 2.  Matias Laine         Manor      1m33.940s  + 0.055s
 3.  David Fumanelli      MW Arden   1m34.156s  + 0.271s
 4.  Marlon Stockinger    Status     1m34.280s  + 0.395s
 5.  Maxim Zimin          MW Arden   1m34.353s  + 0.468s
 6.  Tio Ellinas          Manor      1m34.386s  + 0.501s
 7.  Michael Christensen  RSC Mucke  1m34.663s  + 0.778s
 8.  Nigel Melker         Trident    1m34.749s  + 0.864s
 9.  Brandon Maisano      MW Arden   1m34.798s  + 0.913s
10.  Tom Blomqvist        Status     1m34.801s  + 0.916s
11.  Gabby Chaves         Tech 1     1m34.831s  + 0.946s
12.  Facu Regalia         Status     1m34.836s  + 0.951s
13.  Conor Daly           Carlin     1m34.842s  + 0.957s
14.  Aaro Vainio          ART        1m34.849s  + 0.964s
15.  Patric Niederhauser  Jenzer     1m34.911s  + 1.026s
16.  Michael Heche        Jenzer     1m34.927s  + 1.042s
17.  Robert Visoiu        Jenzer     1m34.961s  + 1.076s
18.  Stephan Richelmi     Trident    1m35.011s  + 1.126s
19.  Alex Fontana         Tech 1     1m35.039s  + 1.154s
20.  Fabio Gamberini      RSC Mucke  1m35.139s  + 1.254s
21.  Tamas Pal Kiss       Atech CRS  1m35.202s  + 1.317s
22.  Dmitry Suranovich    Manor      1m35.417s  + 1.532s
23.  Kristian Lindbom     Tech 1     1m35.630s  + 1.745s
24.  Jim Pla              Carlin     1m36.086s  + 2.201s
25.  Ethan Ringel         Atech CRS  1m37.127s  + 3.242s
26.  Michela Cerruti      Trident    1m38.003s  + 4.118s

Afternoon times:

Pos  Driver               Team       Time       Gap
 1.  Matias Laine         Manor      1m36.446s
 2.  Robert Visoiu        Jenzer     1m36.816s  + 0.370s
 3.  Nigel Melker         Trident    1m36.824s  + 0.378s
 4.  Patric Niederhauser  Jenzer     1m36.937s  + 0.491s
 5.  David Fumanelli      MW Arden   1m36.945s  + 0.499s
 6.  Michael Heche        Jenzer     1m36.960s  + 0.514s
 7.  Alex Fontana         Tech 1     1m37.021s  + 0.575s
 8.  Tom Blomqvist        Status     1m37.048s  + 0.602s
 9.  Michael Christensen  RSC Mucke  1m37.094s  + 0.648s
10.  Gabby Chaves         Tech 1     1m37.507s  + 1.061s
11.  Marlon Stockinger    Status     1m37.518s  + 1.072s
12.  Brandon Maisano      MW Arden   1m37.531s  + 1.085s
13.  Tio Ellinas          Manor      1m37.573s  + 1.127s
14.  Stephan Richelmi     Trident    1m37.748s  + 1.302s
15.  Conor Daly           Carlin     1m37.755s  + 1.309s
16.  Tamas Pal Kiss       Atech CRS  1m37.772s  + 1.326s
17.  Dmitry Suranovich    Manor      1m38.002s  + 1.556s
18.  Facu Regalia         Status     1m38.100s  + 1.654s
19.  Fabio Gamberini      RSC Mucke  1m38.171s  + 1.725s
20.  Aaro Vainio          ART        1m38.225s  + 1.779s
21.  Maxim Zimin          MW Arden   1m38.273s  + 1.827s
22.  Jim Pla              Carlin     1m38.624s  + 2.178s
23.  Daniel Abt           ART        1m38.689s  + 2.243s
24.  Kristian Lindbom     Tech 1     1m39.058s  + 2.612s
25.  Michela Cerruti      Trident    1m39.301s  + 2.855s
26.  Ethan Ringel         Atech CRS  1m45.412s  + 8.966s
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