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Rain gives Smith 125cc pole

Bradley SmithBradley Smith will lead the grid for the Estoril 125cc race, which will be formed on combined practice times due to the downpours at the Portuguese track forcing the cancellation of qualifying.

Aspar Aprilia rider Smith was one of many 125cc riders to crash in the three wet practice sessions - but he was also quickest in both practice one and practice three, with his Friday morning time giving him pole.

Smith got that lap in before the rain increased, so finds himself with a vast 2.4-second pole margin over British countryman Danny Webb.

Second is Webb's best 125cc starting position yet, with his Cajasol Aprilia team-mate Alberto Moncayo also achieving a career high with third. The rookie was quickest of all on Friday afternoon.

All three championship contenders have had crashes during the build-up, and Marc Marquez's cautious approach to practice left the points leader with 11th place. His main rival Nico Terol will start fourth, while fellow title combatant Pol Espargaro is alongside Marquez in 12th.

Sandro Cortese, Marcel Schrotter, Tomoyoshi Koyama and Luis Salom fill row two, while Lorenzo Savadori takes his best qualifying position yet in ninth and Danny Kent gets the Lambretta into the top 10 for the first time in 10th, despite two practice crashes.

Pos  Rider                Bike       Time       Gap
 1.  Bradley Smith        Aprilia    2m00.148s
 2.  Danny Webb           Aprilia    2m02.646s  + 2.498s
 3.  Alberto Moncayo      Aprilia    2m03.025s  + 2.877s
 4.  Nicolas Terol        Aprilia    2m03.823s  + 3.675s
 5.  Sandro Cortese       Derbi      2m03.957s  + 3.809s
 6.  Marcel Schrotter     Honda      2m04.134s  + 3.986s
 7.  Tomoyoshi Koyama     Aprilia    2m04.718s  + 4.570s
 8.  Luis Salom           Aprilia    2m04.949s  + 4.801s
 9.  Lorenzo Savadori     Aprilia    2m04.982s  + 4.834s
10.  Danny Kent           Lambretta  2m05.098s  + 4.950s
11.  Marc Marquez         Derbi      2m05.169s  + 5.021s
12.  Pol Espargaro        Derbi      2m05.292s  + 5.144s
13.  Randy Krummenacher   Aprilia    2m05.451s  + 5.303s
14.  Efren Vazquez        Derbi      2m05.552s  + 5.404s
15.  Jakub Kornfeil       Aprilia    2m05.699s  + 5.551s
16.  Esteve Rabat         Aprilia    2m05.757s  + 5.609s
17.  Jonas Folger         Aprilia    2m06.031s  + 5.883s
18.  Johann Zarco         Aprilia    2m06.553s  + 6.405s
19.  Adrian Martin        Aprilia    2m06.943s  + 6.795s
20.  Sturla Fagerhaug     Aprilia    2m07.430s  + 7.282s
21.  Louis Rossi          Aprilia    2m07.584s  + 7.436s
22.  Luca Marconi         Aprilia    2m07.712s  + 7.564s
23.  Luigi Morciano       Aprilia    2m07.768s  + 7.620s
24.  Alessandro Tonucci   Aprilia    2m08.203s  + 8.055s
25.  Zulfahmi Khairuddin  Aprilia    2m08.638s  + 8.490s
26.  Robin Barbosa        Aprilia    2m09.267s  + 9.119s
27.  Jasper Iwema         Aprilia    2m09.413s  + 9.265s
28.  Simone Grotzkyj      Aprilia    2m09.918s  + 9.770s
29.  Tomasso Gabrielli    Aprilia    2m13.986s  + 13.838s
30.  Marco Ravaioli       Lambretta  2m14.264s  + 14.116s
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