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Smith denies Marquez Misano pole

Bradley Smith, Aspar Aprilia, MisanoBradley Smith beat 125cc championship leader Marc Marquez to pole position at Misano with an outstanding final lap.

Smith had fought with Spanish title-contending trio Marquez, Nico Terol and Pol Espargaro throughout the session, but until the closing moments it looked like it was Ajo Derbi's Marquez who was on course for his eighth pole of the year.

Aspar Aprilia rider Smith had a small moment on his penultimate lap and failed to depose Marquez, then hit traffic on his final attempt. However he got through the slower riders rapidly enough, tucked in behind one to get a tow to the line, and improved to 1m43.329s to claim his second pole in three rounds.

Marquez could only get within 0.158 seconds of Smith so had to settle for second, while Terol (Aspar) and Espargaro (Tuenti Derbi) swapped positions repeatedly before ending up third and fourth.

Tomoyoshi Koyama was best of the rest in fifth on the Team Germany Aprilia, with Marquez and Espargaro's respective team-mates Sandro Cortese and Efren Vazquez next up ahead of Esteve Rabat.

Pos  Rider                Bike       Time       Gap
 1.  Bradley Smith        Aprilia    1m43.329s
 2.  Marc Marquez         Derbi      1m43.487s  + 0.158s
 3.  Nicolas Terol        Aprilia    1m43.644s  + 0.315s
 4.  Pol Espargaro        Derbi      1m43.809s  + 0.480s
 5.  Tomoyoshi Koyama     Aprilia    1m44.272s  + 0.943s
 6.  Sandro Cortese       Derbi      1m44.341s  + 1.012s
 7.  Efren Vazquez        Derbi      1m44.479s  + 1.150s
 8.  Esteve Rabat         Aprilia    1m44.561s  + 1.232s
 9.  Danny Webb           Aprilia    1m44.816s  + 1.487s
10.  Johann Zarco         Aprilia    1m44.929s  + 1.600s
11.  Jonas Folger         Aprilia    1m44.975s  + 1.646s
12.  Luis Salom           Aprilia    1m45.020s  + 1.691s
13.  Randy Krummenacher   Aprilia    1m45.103s  + 1.774s
14.  Alberto Moncayo      Aprilia    1m45.166s  + 1.837s
15.  Simone Grotzkyj      Aprilia    1m45.217s  + 1.888s
16.  Adrian Martin        Aprilia    1m45.661s  + 2.332s
17.  Jasper Iwema         Aprilia    1m46.048s  + 2.719s
18.  Marcel Schrotter     Honda      1m46.309s  + 2.980s
19.  Jakub Kornfeil       Aprilia    1m46.366s  + 3.037s
20.  Zulfahmi Khairuddin  Aprilia    1m46.368s  + 3.039s
21.  Louis Rossi          Aprilia    1m46.557s  + 3.228s
22.  Armando Pontone      Aprilia    1m46.916s  + 3.587s
23.  Lorenzo Savadori     Aprilia    1m46.932s  + 3.603s
24.  Luca Marconi         Aprilia    1m46.940s  + 3.611s
25.  Alessandro Tonucci   Aprilia    1m47.235s  + 3.906s
26.  Francesco Mauriello  Aprilia    1m47.455s  + 4.126s
27.  Tommaso Gabrielli    Aprilia    1m47.732s  + 4.403s
28.  Joan Perello         Lambretta  1m47.809s  + 4.480s
29.  Marco Ravaioli       Lambretta  1m47.973s  + 4.644s
30.  Alexis Masbou        Aprilia    1m48.111s  + 4.782s
31.  Sturla Fagerhaug     Aprilia    1m48.324s  + 4.995s
32.  Giovanni Bonati      Aprilia    1m48.346s  + 5.017s
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