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Teixeira walks away from aerial crash

Ricardo Teixeira walked away unscathed from a spectacular aerial accident in the second Formula 2 race at Marrakech on Sunday.

The Portuguese Angolan driver, who had scored the best result of his career with fifth place in Saturday's race, hit the back of Ivan Samarin's car and was launched skywards into a barrel roll.

Teixeira's car landed the right way up just as it hit the concrete wall, and spun down the track spitting out flames from the back. He was fortunate to climb out unhurt.

"It was the first big crash I've ever had and it was very strange," Teixeira told AUTOSPORT.

He had been trying to pass Samarin on the Marrakech street circuit's long back straight, which is broken up by two chicanes - reminiscent of the Mulsanne straight at Le Mans.

Samarin moved to block his attempt on the approach to the first of the chicanes and as the Russian hit the brakes, Teixeira vaulted over his car - and three others - before wiping out Benjamin Bailly after landing.

"I had a good exit and boosted, so I was catching a lot," Teixeira explained. "I went to the middle and he moved to block, and then slowed. I just hit the back of his gearbox and went straight up.

"At first all I was thinking was angry at him, then I realised I was up in the air and turning - when I looked down and thought 'I can see all the cars down there!' Then I saw where I was going to land and just crossed my arms for the hit, but it wasn't too bad.

"It's a very strange feeling - it wasn't scared, everything goes very slow and it feels like it's not you, like you shouldn't be part of it. I was a little bit sore in my neck and shoulder but I am okay, there's no problem."

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