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Q & A with Kris Meeke

Kris MeekeWhat have you heard about your result from the Rally of Scotland?

Kris Meeke: Not much. In fairness, I only got home late last night. I spent six hours on a boat home yesterday - the sea was really rough - so it wasn't the best journey. I've heard a little bit this morning, but it's not really anything I can do anything about.

It’s not great to have this kind of indecision hanging about though, is it?

KM: It's not. At the end of the day, we're a team and we do everything together as a team. I've heard a variety of different things about what's been going on, but until we get that black and white decision, there's no point talking about it. Obviously, it wasn't clear-cut, otherwise we would have had a decision on Saturday night.

We've heard it's a cross-member being between 80 and 150g too light. Would that affect performance?

KM: I have no idea on the precise nature of the part or the weight, but going on what you're telling me, it wouldn't. Like I said, we don't know about the individual part, but what we categorically do know - and this is in black and white – is the fact that our car was 20kg heavier than the Skoda when it was weighed. When we do an asphalt rally, we're all bang on the 1200kg weight limit, but with the underbody protection and what have you, on gravel, we're generally well over that – and we were well over 1200kg on Saturday. That shows that there has been absolutely no attempt to cheat by anybody. There's nothing premeditated about this at all. If anything has happened, it's been a mistake and, as I said, the car was, ironically, heavier than any other Super 2000 car out there. As for whether it would have improved the performance, I'm sure the suspected weight of the part wouldn't – it's not like we were running a bigger restrictor or something.

I guess the good news is that you're not waiting on news which might affect your championship...

KM: That's true. And, to be honest, whatever happens – and I'm very confident the organisers will find nothing [wrong] with the car – this doesn't change my year one little bit. It's clear what we have done on the stages and that's what we'll be remembered for – not a piece of paper at the end of Scotland.

It would have been better to know on Saturday night, though?

KM: It would. It doesn't do anybody any favours to have this sort of thing going on. At the end of the day, the rules are the rules and I'm confident we will be within those rules.

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