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Q & A with Jaime Alguersuari

Q. How are you feeling after the race?

Jaime AlguersuariJaime Alguersuari: Good. Really happy and also a little bit disappointed because it is not nice to finish a race crashing. But I think really today was very tough race; it was hard to make a better race than what I did. Today, I think it was my dream race - the race that I was dreaming all year, which I thought I could never make this year.

Really, I saw it was possible, and I felt today that it was my real first day in Formula 1. I had the pace, everything was found more easy on the car, I was more comfortable, and I was driving in another way. I felt a bit improvement just from me. Obviously the car is much faster, but at least from me it is good. I was really happy.

We had a couple of mistakes regarding the crash, but we need to check. It is really strange what happened because it is a flat-out corner and really, even in the wet, it is flat. So we should not have this problem. Maybe it was a tyre or something.

Q. It seemed that you had lost control before it turned through the corner?

JA: Yes. It was just in the middle of the corner, you come in at high speed, flat out in seventh gear, and once you lose it there you cannot do it anymore and you finish up in the tyre barriers for sure.

Q. What did it feel like when the car got away from you?

JA: There was no way to catch it back. Once the car, at that speed, the downforce and everything helps it even more to go off. And then it goes! You have no input, so you finish in the tyre barrier.

Q. Did you feel a bit dazed afterwards?

JA: No. It was fine. I was really impressed this weekend how these cars are safe and secure. I am really impressed. I hope not to crash any more but you know, I think it is something you want you are pushing for it, I had new tyres on, there were nine laps to go and I was pushing until the end. It was the first day I felt F1 in my blood, because I pushed from the first lap to the end. So I am happy for that, with no mistakes and no silly things.

Q. There was a lot of damage to Toro Rosso cars this weekend. Were there any complaints from your bosses?

JA: No. I think for me, first of all it is learning and then you come into a crash period for new drivers especially for new drivers with no testing. That has been really bad for me, especially in high speed where you need to push and to get everyone out of the car. You go off the track here, and especially here you take the wall straight away.

Definitely it is not nice to crash, but you have to at some point in your career. As long as you know why, and as long as you have experience from this and understand and learn, then it is good.

Q. A lot of more tracks have acres of run-off area. Here, it is very narrow with little run-off. Is there a different feeling driving it?

JA: Not really because you have a lot of grip, especially with the slick tyres this weekend. I was so impressed with how much speed you can carry into the corner, and as I said I am still not used to the downforce of the car, and to take the potential of the car to 100 per cent. I maybe like that at the beginning of the year with seven days of testing and three grands prix in my blood, but as I say, it is difficult to arrive here and make a good job.

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