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Theissen pleased KERS was not delayed

BMW motorsport director Mario Theissen believes the German car manufacturer were right not to accept a proposal to delay the introduction of Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) for a season.

Team principals discussed the idea of delaying KERS until the start of 2010 during meetings about cost cutting regulations at the Chinese Grand Prix.

It is understood Theissen had to consult representatives from his car company about the proposal to delay, with them refusing to abandon the efforts they had made to get KERS ready for next season.

Without unanimous approval the idea of delaying KERS had to be scrapped, meaning teams will be allowed to run the systems next year as originally planned.

Although it is understood some teams are unhappy about the delay not going through, Theissen insists that there would have been little benefit from a delay happening.

When asked by about the situation in Brazil, Theissen said: "For various reasons we could not accept postponement - one being that the biggest part of the investment is done. If we take it (KERS) out, we would have to redesign the car which is an additional cost. And there are competitive issues as well.

"On top of that, we are very convinced that KERS is something good, not just for BMW but also for F1. And no technical project has become cheaper by delaying its introduction. You just continue developing without showing it on the track."

BMW were one of the first teams to run KERS on track this season, and test driver Christian Klien said earlier this week that he believes the team are more advanced with the technology than any of their rivals.

When asked if he echoed Klein's belief that BMW Sauber were better prepared than other teams, Theissen said: "I have no idea. I don't know how he can say that, as I only know our situation. But we are on schedule and we are reaching the intermediate targets."

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