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H14: Rain helps Audi close on Peugeot

Rain has changed the entire complexion of the 76th running of the Le Mans 24 Hours as Peugeot have suddenly found themselves on the backfoot after 14 hours.

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Audi take magnificent victory
H24: Audi win enthralling race
H23: Rain makes for dramatic final hour
H22: Audi remain in lead despite scare
H21: Peugeot attack on dry track
H20: Battle heats up at the front
H18: McNish extends Audi's advantage
H17: McNish maintains the gap
H16: Audi lead as Peugeot close in
H15: Kristensen retakes lead for Audi
H13: Capello takes the lead for Audi
H12: Peugeot continue to lead Audi
H11: Peugeot pulls further away
H10: Minassian extends his lead
H9: Minassian takes over leading Peugeot
H8: Gene at the front
H7: Klien leads for Peugeot
H6: Villeneuve leads under pressure
H5: Peugeot reclaim the lead
H4: Audi settle in the lead
H3: Peugeot hit trouble as Audi lead
H2: Peugeot increase their lead
H1: Peugeot establish a healthy lead
Lamy takes early lead with Peugeot